Case Study

Migration to Google Dart Technology

Gamestar Mechanic Jr

Gamestar Mechanic Jr is a game and community designed to teach kids the principles of systems thinking, design thinking, problem solving and foster such skills as creativity, collaboration, digital media literacies. The game play, vocabulary and design experience are all optimized for children ages 6-9.

Indoor Navigation System


CBRE is an Android application that allows to determine with high accuracy employee's location within a company. Indoor navigation technology enables managers and other staff members to have an immediate access to their colleagues.

Comparative Analytics


The ScoutSight app allows to access the insights of pro scouts through a proprietary similarity algorithm to learn how NFL Draft Prospects are expected to perform as rookies. ScoutSight brings the power of comparative analytics directly to the NFL fan by allowing to compare, rank and match draft prospects.

Voice and Video Messenger

Voxbras is a VOIP and messaging app for iOS and Android platforms with the whole infrastructure support. Telex allows to send instant text messages, files, make voice (to regular or cellular network) and video calls, import contacts and manage content gallery.