A biotech company engaged in the creation of living platforms that emulate the complexities of human biology to enable unprecedented insights into human biology and health
Product Development
ReactJS, Python, Golang, Microservices/SOA, Consul, Prometheus, Grafana, Graylog, gRPC, WebSockets, Docker, Docker-Compose, AWS ECS


To gain insights into the inner workings of human biology and disease, a biotech company created a Human Emulation System. The system which is comprised of Organ-Chips, hardware and apps offers researchers a new standard for predicting how humans may respond to medications, foods, and chemicals with greater precision and control. Each Organ-Chip is engineered to recreate the body’s cellular microenvironment, the natural physiology and mechanical forces that cells experience within the human body. Our team was responsible for the development of web and mobile apps: a number of services that allow researchers to note down and share measurements and results of the experiments and Organ-Chip studies they run in the custom culture module. The module is a unique hardware technology that provides the precise conditions needed for cell culture, as well as the dynamic flow of cell culture media and the mechanical forces that help recreate the microenvironment cells experience in vivo.

We took on the following challenges:
Create the Study Manager service to help users plan, execute, and manage experiments with the Human Emulation System.
Develop the Data Analysis service to collect, visualize, and interpret datasets to improve understanding of human biology and disease.
Create an Admin Panel to manage users in different studies.
Implement a containerized microservice architecture.


The Study Management app that includes templates of Protocols with values and data needed for studies; a Timeline, a kind of calendar for planning activities, adding files and making notes; and a Master Data sheet, designed to store all activities in the app.
The Data Analysis service that provides Calculators representing a number of formulas and enabling scientists to perform necessary calculations with a single click.
An easy-to-use Admin Panel allowing admins to manage user roles and permissions in different studies and cohorts to ensure security in research.
The SOA/Microservices solution to ensure scalability, low coupling and high cohesion, faster builds and new feature rollouts.
Dockerized Golang applications that can run in any environment, including AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Elastic Container Service, etc.
Microservices monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana.
A fully automated CI/CD process for both backend and frontend.
Integration with OpenID Connect, an authentication protocol used to securely sign in a user to a web application.


Our software solutions facilitate scientific research – enabling study design and management, experimental data analysis, protocol editing, integration with standard analytical tools, and collaboration among teams, all in one place.
The solution provides an ecosystem for teams to collaborate with shared protocols and standardized data.
100+ researchers are leveraging the Study Management app

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