With well-established business analytics framework, ITRex Group expertly collects insights about client’s project scope, processes and objectives and accurately transforms them into a set of software requirements. ITRex business analysts adapt business opportunities in terms of requirements and build a clear project plan, so that a software solution is implemented with the right vision of all technicalities.

Throughout the project, ITRex business analysts closely interact with a client and manages requests for changes to software requirements. Such a client-centric approach enables to solve misconceptions between the business and the project team, while ensuring that the strategic vision adheres to business needs.


ITRex Group business analysts are skilled, creative and tech savvy strategists who see the big without losing sight of details. They are good communicators who critically consider clients’ needs and know how to put the right questions until these needs are fully covered and clearly understood. ITRex team leverages innovative technologies and business analysis software and has necessary expertise in:

  • creating mockup with Balsamiq and Axure,
  • filling the gap between the business and the project team with Agile methodologies,
  • managing functional requirements and technical specifications with Confluence,
  • defining and managing requirements for complex systems.

At ITRex, business consulting services are provided throughout the entire software development lifecycle, from planning and prototyping to implementation and maintenance. ITRex business analysts assist clients in identifying the optimal solution in line with key business constraints, including time, budget and business data rules.

Business objectives identification

At the initial stage, company’s business analysts get understanding of the project history and discover client’s expectations and needs. It enables ITRex team to start the project with a common understanding of business objectives.

Project scoping

Once business objectives are clear-cut and straightforward, ITRex team identifies project timelines and research the business problem. Specialists analyze business opportunities and define the problem they need to handle through software development.

Business analysis plan development

With a detailed business plan, ITRex brings structure to the business analysis process. Based on the project scope and methodology, specialists identify the optimal set of business analysis deliverables.

Analysis and documentation

ITRex specialists thoroughly analyze the project and develop a detailed list of software requirement specification in a precise and outright manner. They are thoroughly reviewed and validated to make sure there are no gaps in the requirement documentation process.

Technical support implementation

Once software product is ready, ITRex specialists validate the solution design and make sure business objectives are met in line with specified requirements.

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