An EU-based company providing creative services for real estate firms
Real Estate
Product Development, AR/VR
C#, .NET, UWP, Visual Studio 2017, GitLab, Unity, Angular


An EU-based firm that provides visualization and marketing services for real estate companies wanted to build a VR/AR solution that would help their clients increase sales with engaging interactive tours of properties they offer. The system required complex integrations while their vendor initially picked for the challenge lacked skills to handle them successfully. So the company asked ITRex to take on the project and develop core functionality that would deliver outstanding user experience.

Our team took on the following challenges:
Redesign the mobile app developed by another vendor and implement core functionalities
Implement AR technology for exploring content
Create hassle-free VR 360-degree tours of real estate projects
Build dashboards to provide real estate agents with an overview of all their data
Build a desktop application for VR experience


A real estate AR/VR app with a sleek design which is extremely simple to use
A solution to present AR models of projects on any surface
VR tours of projects using 360-degree pictures, allowing choosing a layout, style, room, and daytime
Setup of GoogleMaps, and static maps for buildings for offline navigation
Image galleries and YouTube support
Private dashboards that provide real estate agents with convenient access to all their data for managing projects as well as exporting data or linking it with Google Analytics
A desktop app for displaying VR tours, and images on big screens with 10800*3840 resolution
Comprehensive testing to validate functionality, compatibility, and UI
AR/VR app for real estate
AR/VR app for real estate


Allowing deep immersion in a prospective property, the AR/VR app enables real estate firms to present their listings and buildings in an engaging way with stunning tours
The solution puts real estate firms at a competitive advantage by giving them greater exposure in the market, more leads, and an improved brand image
Agents also save time they spend on property viewings, while increasing their success rates

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