There are no limits of possibilities in custom software development. The ever-changing digital landscape constantly reveals new challenges for business owners and technology providers. Standard solutions quickly become outdated and outdistanced by competition. Forward-looking IT experts from ITRex daily face such changes and offer their expertise to businesses in need of custom application development services.


ITRex has an impressive history of successfully accomplished custom projects for a number of industries. Prominent examples of implemented custom solutions include:

  • Online content contribution systems;
  • Databases for large amount of data;
  • Complete cloud-based infrastructure, and more.

Custom software development requires special skills and deep knowledge of specific subjects from the team. Work organization and team management processes become crucially important in such cases, as timely delivery mainly depends on productive cooperation between team members. To provide custom software development solutions on time and within budget, a company needs to be flexible and follow best practices of team management:

  • Clearly and reasonably defined requirements,
  • Smart task management,
  • Efficient communication within the team,
  • Planned and carefully orchestrated workflow.

Every on-demand solution is unique. The company's R&D department investigates and implements cutting-edge technologies to be used in current and future projects. In one example, the client wanted to upgrade the app, so it could run in all major browsers regardless of platform. This resulted in migration from Flash to Google Dart, a brand new programming language that ITRex team mastered in the shortest possible time.

Custom software development may take more traditional approach, especially with enterprise software systems. Another example of a successful project implied development of the architecture, design and implementation of Microsoft Web Administration Tools for a specific set of client's tasks.

ITRex team has multi-faceted technical background that enables to build unpreceded software systems. It is a matter of fact that optimizing graphics performance requires profound knowledge of both hardware and software on the low level of programming. Such projects also have been delivered by ITRex within the agreed time frame to complete satisfaction of clients.


Experts at ITRex are capable of solving challenging tasks on a regular basis. Certain types of tasks have already shaped their core competencies in the following areas:

Complex algorithms:
  • custom anti-piracy protection algorithm based on watermarking,
  • math comparison algorithm (comparative analytics), and more.
Business Intelligence:
  • processing of a large amount of data sources,
  • storing data for quick querying,
  • analyzing large amount of data, and more.

Have a challenging task on your hands? Contact us, and we will find the most advanced way to deal with it.