Software maintenance and support services are an essential and indispensable part of the software development lifecycle. The more complex and expensive software is, the more importance should be placed on its post-delivery operations. Best software developers working as contractors are able to take the responsibility for keeping the system workable, supportable and up-to-date until application retirement.

Technical support is a resource-demanding activity, and its costs are constantly increasing. ITRex maintains the cost-friendly policy towards its clients and provides software maintenance services on a long-term basis.


Maintenance can be seen from a number of perspectives that correspond to different phases of software lifecycle. As an active and prolific software developer, ITRex has been closely engaged in all these phases and acquired profound knowledge in each area.

  • Implementation. At this phase, the system is getting ready for work. Apart from general technical implementation, the contractor configures the system for specific environments, checks and adjusts user interfaces and provides instructions for future reference.
  • Integration. A special upgrade plan may be needed if the newly developed and implemented system has been integrated with the third party software. Future compatibility is also a major concern of clients that ITRex developers and support engineers are eager to ease.
  • Migration. As businesses grow, they require more infrastructure capacities, which results in migrating data to other data repositories.
  • Support of complete systems. This is the most significant element of software maintenance that includes bug fixes and regular system updates. A traditional cumulative software upgrade may take weeks or even several months, but ITRex provides incremental software upgrades for the sake of flexibility and more efficient risk management.

Business-oriented. ITRex always helps clients prioritize and optimize system enhancements to be strategically aligned with their business needs. The company praises collaboration over contract negotiation and proactively identifies, prioritizes, and fixes existing system deficiencies as early as possible. Business agility and superb system performance are both common goals for developers and for the client.

Incremental and consistent. Importance of incremental parallel upgrade cannot be underestimated. ITRex upgrades software incrementally and rolls out regularly scheduled releases. This method ensures successful operations on the client side. Software engineers provide forward/backward porting to merge enhancements with the core product features seamlessly and in the most productive way.

Clear and open. All delivered projects rely on effective communication within the team and with business and technical stakeholders. Working this way, the company successfully renders IT maintenance services and constantly maintains the most complex software systems.

Concerned with future update plans? You can always rely on support and maintenance engineers at ITRex!