Clearly defined and rigorously followed PM processes are the integral part of ITRex web development services. To manage projects, ITRex employs a holistic approach that covers processes, project management apps and a vast resource pool. ITRex team has solid experience and knowledge of PM specifics to ensure a project is kept on track and is accomplished on time, budget and within predefined goals. To get a project off to a good start, ITRex implements a matrixed organizational model, which enables to skillfully form dedicated teams and efficiently allocate their time across various initiatives. Such an approach helps ITRex increase team cohesion, accelerate decision-making and maintain visibility and transparency on project progress. Company’s specialists have the right expertise in planning, executing and controlling multiple projects concurrently.


ITRex Group provides the most feasible project management software solutions, ensuring that clients get the product they expect. To meet the requirements of a specific project, ITRex follows well-defined stages of project management:

Defining project objectives

At the initial stage, ITRex determines a general concept and identifies objectives as a measurable key point for each project. Company’s experts keep objectives on top of every project, making sure the team and project are in the same boat throughout the development process.

Determining deliverables

Deliverables are tangible results of a client’s project. ITRex defines deliverables at a granular level, focusing on product details such as design, page layouts, application interface, content, and more. During this stage, ITRex team filters out the entire range of activities and outline those that are essential for successful project completion.

Project planning

ITRex team analyzes project scope and lays out a plan of activities needed to arrive at project objectives. PM specialists calculate project budget, define resource pool and estimate realistic timeline, making sure they meet client needs under the predefined constraints.

Change management

Company’s PM specialists examine proposed changes and define their impact on project scope, budget and schedule before the change request is accepted. ITRex has solid experience in cost-effective change management via JIRA and Confluence.

Risk management

ITRex experts are skillful strategists who can determine risks in product development scenarios and identify ways to overcome their effect on project progress.


To initiate, plan and achieve project objectives, ITRex Group use the following software development project management methodologies:


It is a traditional model for software development based on straightforward definition of product requirements, sequential design and fixed timelines. ITRex uses the Waterfall methodology in large-scale projects and projects with focus on quality.


It is an iterative approach to software development used in projects with no-predetermined action plan or tight deadlines. With solid background in Agile development, ITRex team can immensely respond to changes in client’s requirements and bring tangible results of software development in the shortest possible time.

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