Software quality assurance services are an essential part of ITRex development activities directed to evaluation of all processes that influence software quality. The main purpose is to ensure that a software product satisfies all necessary requirements and specific criteria, producing the best possible user experience.


ITRex team has extensive expertise in a full-range software testing services. The company offers an individual approach and excellent testing solutions, matching clients’ needs and requirements. ITRex provides advanced tests for all kinds of hardware and software solutions, complete installations, etc. ITRex focuses on cost-effective budget allocation and resource planning, while reducing project expenses.

At ITRex, software quality assurance is measured by the following features:

  • Maintainability;
  • Functionality;
  • Correctness;
  • Portability;
  • Usability;
  • Efficiency.

There are three main components of quality assurance: quality assurance consulting services, software testing, quality control and quality management. Such a mix enables ITRex to implement 'business-ready' services.

ITRex quality assurance software development covers:

  • implementing the optimal testing strategy with the fast possible delivery timelines,
  • preparing accurate test documents (test cases, checklists, test plans, etc.),
  • arranging precise test reports.

Modern software apps are complicated and require professional approaches to make QA processes robust, cost-effective and results-driven.

We offer:

Requirements analysis

ITRex analyzes software requirements on a granular level, defines ambiguities and fix them at an early stage of the development lifecycle.

Functional Testing

For cost-effective testing, ITRex applies proven and highly advanced tools:

  • Risk-based testing;
  • Model-based testing;
  • Domain-based scenario suite;
  • Equivalence partitioning;
  • Boundary value analysis;
  • Pairwise testing.

ITRex uses a mix of the latest testing tools and techniques in order to ensure that software apps are functionally correct. The QA team starts the testing process with an assessment of software requirements and go throughout the entire software development lifecycle, including implementation and maintenance.

Compatibility testing

ITRex team verifies software product compatibility within other environments, including operating systems, hardware, network environments and mobile devices.

Usability and GUI Testing

Usability is the fastest way to see, whether a software product or a website are easy to use by the target audience. ITRex carries out a set of tests and compares deliverables with the expected result, while ensuring a system can perform these tasks several times with different data input and the required level of accuracy.

Automated testing

ITRex test automation strategies accelerate regression test efforts for business that reduce software development costs and speed up software time to market.

ITRex team can develop an optimal testing scheme for all types of projects, both small and large-scale. Company’s experts realize that testing is a constant process and is ready to provide regular maintenance and effective testing on a long-term basis.