We’ll take the complexity out of the relocation process

ITRex is a partner of the Poland.Business Harbor (PBH) program. We’ll help you apply for a PBH visa in a hassle-free way and make your relocation a piece of cake. Check out our open positions, send us your CV, and we’ll take care of the rest!
Apply for a PBH visa
Our HR team will submit your application to the Polish Investment & Trade Agency (PAIH). After that, we’ll notify you of an appointment date at one of the Poland visa application centers/consulates
Relocate with your family
If you’re thinking of moving to Poland with your spouse and kids, we’ll provide all the necessary informational assistance to facilitate the relocation process for your family. Contact us to discuss your relocation needs!

We’ll make it worth your while

Headquartered in Warsaw, we’re now eyeing to expand our presence in the country and attract the top IT talent. For this, we offer plenty of benefits to smoothen out your relocation journey:

Work from anywhere in Poland
If you join ITRex, you can live in any Polish city and work from the comfort of your own home! Employees who choose Warsaw as their relocation destination, meanwhile, will be able to meet their colleagues in a cozy coworking space!
One-time relocation bonus
Moving to a new country entails considerable travel and accommodation expenses. That’s why all ITRex employees who successfully pass their probationary period are entitled to a one-time relocation bonus
Healthcare coverage
By default, we enroll our employees in a health insurance program or provide a monthly healthcare reimbursement bonus to cover your medical expenses if you choose an insurance company independently
Sports and fitness reimbursement program
We care about our employees’ physical health and mental well-being and encourage them to pursue a healthy lifestyle. If you purchase exercise equipment, fitness apps, or a gym pass, you’ll find a bonus in your monthly paycheck
Vacations and paid time off (PTO)
The number of paid vacation days for employees with a standard job contract is regulated by the Polish labor law and can reach up to 26 days per year. You’ll also get seven PTO days per year in case of illness or exceptional circumstances
Personal and professional development (PPD)
From conducting meet-ups, workshops, and QA sessions with in-house IT experts to teaching English and letting you practice it on commercial projects, we create an environment where you could hone your skills and grow professionally