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For over a decade, we’ve been delivering business-critical solutions on a remote basis. In 2020, many businesses have had to go remote, and we know this might be tough. Rest assured: we can make the ‘new normal' work for you.

Your team, our staff. Let’s blur the lines

/ IT staff augmentation
/ Dedicated software development team
What do top-notch developers look like?
Developed tech muscles, battle-proven skills, hard-won unique knowledge: that’s pretty much what our dedicated teams are all about. Yet, it’s not about tech stack only. Regular meetups, courses, and workshops allow our developers to keep their soft skills in fine shape.
Access a wide pool of prolific tech devotees ready to shift you from ideation to product launch.

Our competencies

Web | React, Angular, Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, WordPress, Magento
Mobile | iOS (Objective C / Swift), Android (Java / Kotlin), Hybrid
Cross-Platform | React Native, PhoneGap
Cloud | Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure
Data | ETL, Data Integration, Data Migration, Data Science, Advanced Analytics, Reporting
Artificial Intelligence | ML, NLP, Deep Learning, Computer Vision
Intelligent Automation | RPA, Workfusion, OCR, UiPath, BPA
DevOps | CI, CD, IaC
QA | Automated and Manual Web, Mobile, API, Database Testing

A little bit of math, if you will

years of ongoing collaboration with clients on average
annual employee retention rate
top-tier developers
clients across the globe
products delivered

Take your own unique journey, we follow

At ITRex, we’re aware of the ever-changing nature of the universe. We offer a collaboration process that is 100% change-friendly.
Enter any time | We start from scratch or pick up the slack
Set up your requirements | We provide​ ​accurate estimation along with all-round technology consulting
Single out an engagement model | Staff Augmentation, Dedicated team, Hybrid model, your own custom model
Meet your all-star team | We send CVs within the first 24 hours of a request. Interview candidates directly or via our HR department, test tasks are welcomed
Scale resources up and down | Let’s ramp up your challenge-sized team promptly. We take on your scalability challenges in a stress-free and expedited manner
Development and continuous delivery | Take full progress control with daily online meetings, weekly product demos and retrospectives
Knowledge transfer | Seamless knowledge transfer with properly documented project issues
Easy exit model | No worries, we know the weather is changing

What makes a good companion

24/7 available on your preferred channels
Time zone match
Equally responsive as your in-house team — we stick to your schedule
Full integration with client processes
We fully embrace your attitude. You can focus on your core business while we take on the technological challenges of your project
Each team player ​is fully engaged ​in planning meetings, status sync-ups and other project activities
Taking the stress out when hiring
We have advanced human resource networks, recruiting internally and externally: extended databases with personal characteristics, tech stacks, experience
We bet after about a month of collaboration you won’t distinguish between your in-house and our dedicated team

Let us go the extra mile for you

Dedicated R&D department
We take on any technology challenges our customers meet
More business value
Address certified PMs and BAs to perform an in-depth cost-benefit analysis
Competency centers
Maintaining the highest level of tech expertise is our primary concern
Emerging tech implementation
Drive extra efficiency for your business, applying AI and ML

Hungry for every client’s success

Itrex’s team are experts in their trade. The software development they provided was critical to advancing the project to the next level.
Jeff Block
VP of Process and Technology
PotentiaMetrics, Inc.
When you hire them, you're actually going to get something valuable.
Daniel Schuler
Itrex is an outstanding partner. They don't even feel like a contractor, but more like a fully integrated team.
Ashley Lewis
Director of Product Management
Dollar Shave Club

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