Exceptional user experience is a key to success for both consumer and enterprise software products. Today's competitive market leaves no chance for poorly designed websites and disappointing apps. ITRex includes UX analysis and UI testing in all of their projects and develops new and unique user-centric features for complex web and mobile applications.

Professional user experience design and interaction design requires expertise in information and interaction design, visual design and usability. Designers and developers at ITRex are real masterminds of these domains with solid knowledge in solving problems of end users.

X Analysis

UX research may be conducted on already existing projects, starting from the wireframe stage, or it may be the first step to design highly enjoyable user interaction. UX designers create user flows, lifecycle maps and other tools to analyze user behavior and come up with the best interface solutions.

UI Wireframing

Creating wireframes is particularly helpful at the stage of business analysis. Fast and cost-effective prototyping is also the backbone of Lean/Agile software development.

UI Design

ITRex offers UI/UX design services from icon design to complete and polished user interfaces for web and mobile products. Working in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash, UI designers pay attention to the tiniest details and separate the husk from the grain to lead users directly where they want to be.

UI Testing

UI testing is conducted to identify difficulties a user may face while using the application. ITRex experts analyze user satisfaction level and measure the time taken to complete tasks.


Modern UI UX web design is tightly intertwined with product management and development. ITRex follows the principles of usercentered design process. ITRex mission is to understand the big picture and build the best solution for mutual benefit of the client and the end customer.


ITRex are seasoned experts of custom website design. Company’s developers and designers have already spent hundreds of man-hours on enhancing usability of the client's software and solving problems of end customers.

Interface designers at ITRex concentrate on current design trends and styles and strive to bring user interfaces in line with industry standards. Their efforts result in clean and clear interface design that evokes feelings of pureness and beauty in customers.

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