ITRex has launched two more initiatives as part of its Support Ukraine campaign aimed at providing much-needed assistance to Ukrainians living in crisis since Russia began its invasion. In an effort to support employees’ drive to show solidarity with Ukraine and make more of an impact, ITRex has announced a fund-raising initiative for assistance to Ukrainian humanitarian organizations, pledging to match individual donations committed by employees with an equivalent company donation. The ITRex C-suite has also set up a crisis relief fund fully coordinated by the ITRex Ukrainian team. The money is spent locally on providing cash assistance to grassroots volunteer groups who are helping Ukrainians affected by the crisis receive basic support they need, from water to hot meals, blankets, or bullet-proof jackets. “Our guys have already found over 150 local initiatives in Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, and other cities for us to help,” says ITRex HR Manager Mariia Holiachenko based in Ukraine. “They don’t forget to think of children, those in hospital, the elderly, animals in need, or a neighbor whose apartment has been destroyed in an airstrike.” “This war is an enormous personal tragedy to all our people at ITRex,” says ITRex CEO Vitali Likhadzed . “We have dozens of employees in Ukraine. Some of them have chosen to stay despite ongoing Russian attacks. Some have been trapped in war zones. Many of us also have relatives and friends staying in Ukraine. We are constantly worried about them, watching in horror as the war unfolds.” Since the early days of the war, ITRex management and staff have been working literally round the clock to help Ukrainian colleagues and their families reach safety. The company provided financial support, accommodation, and legal aid. To date, ITRex has contributed more than half of its 2021 profit in immediate financial support for its team and their relatives in crisis. “This is a devastating time for Ukraine and its people. We are doing everything in our power to help save lives and urging our colleagues, business partners, and clients to join us. Together we can do more,” Vital Likhadzed says. Both ITRex as a company and its C-suite and employees as private individuals have made significant contributions to various humanitarian groups for critical assistance to Ukraine. The company has also made it a priority to raise awareness of the ongoing war among clients and friends in the US, appealing to them to donate to Ukrainian funds. Many have joined the initiative. If you want to follow suit, here are the links to well-established and vetted Ukrainian charitable organizations accepting donations now:
Donate now. Ukraine needs massive financial support urgently.