Custom healthcare software

The pandemic has battered the healthcare domain, exposing a number of pain points such as data chaos, poor diagnostics, and insufficient treatment.
We develop custom medical software providing healthcare companies with a competitive edge to effectively face these challenges.

Delivering better care with emerging technologies

We turn to next-gen technologies not to replace doctors with cyborg clinicians or Robo-doctors. Neither to invent a miracle cure. We are looking for solutions that allow care providers to fulfil their duty more efficiently, while also filling patients with the confidence they need.
taking away the routine administrative work such as data entry, scheduling, paperwork
Predictive analytics
providing robust predictions based on data processing to reduce anxiety and stress in both patients and doctors
personalizing medicine by tailoring better medical treatment, based on real-world data
establishing high-end communication between patients and MD specialists via telehealth, Mhealth
integrating multiple devices and wearable technologies to design smart hospitals and healthcare environment
Security & privacy
addressing challenges related to security and privacy, automating HIPAA compliance

Unique solutions for your digital health business

Electronically-stored health Information | EHR, EMR
Patient portals & medical staff portals | Dashboards, records, forms
Mobile healthcare applications | Staff management, Remote monitoring, Disease tracking
Smart hospitals | Wearable technologies, IoT, Bluetooth devices
Predictive analytics | ML, AI, Data Science

Increasing Healthcare operational efficiency with Intelligent Automation

/ Custom EMR, EHR, PHM
/ Healthcare staff scheduling software
/ Claims processing
/ Digital workforce
/ Automated HIPAA compliance
Doctors are buried under expanding workloads, administrative, and paperwork routines. Physicians spend significantly more time entering data rather than on direct patient care.
Leveraging RPA, we can easily streamline repetitive operations and make them more efficient.
We develop products that cover administrative responsibilities, allowing clinicians to focus on treatment.

Enabling better diagnostic accuracy

AI has become a game-changer in the field of medical diagnostics. We can now analyze repetitive patterns to predict the course of the disease or apply medical image analysis and health monitoring to identify patterns that may be relevant to a particular medical condition.
Computer vision | for clinical diagnostics
ML & AI solutions | to improve real-world decision-making
Predictive analytics | to prevent and control chronic diseases
Digitizing clinical trials | to suggest more eligible drugs

Designing patient-centred treatment

/ Smart hospitals
/ Telehealth
/ Patient profiles in the cloud
/ Digital therapeutics
Emerging technologies have laid the foundation for a completely new class of therapies, radically transforming the way we treat and prevent health conditions.
We design a smooth patient-first care journey by combining the possibilities of telehealth and IoT-based remote patient monitoring.
Our products have had a growing impact on the delivery of care, shifting the focus from treatment to prevention.

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