Custom healthcare software development for every need

ITRex provides end-to-end medical software development services to healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, digital health startups, and medical device manufacturers. To create healthcare IT solutions that would benefit your organization, we always put security first, ensure healthcare data interoperability, and follow UI/UX best practices.
Our know-how spans:
medical software for healthcare providers
Healthcare providers
Healthcare providers
We’ll help you create EMR and EHR solutions, practice and laboratory management software, hospital-wide asset tracking systems, point of care (POC) and population health management (PHM) tools, AI-powered data ecosystems, and applications supporting remote patient monitoring
healthcare software development pharmaceutical companies
Pharmaceutical companies
Pharmaceutical companies
We collaborate with pharmaceutical companies to create and customize software systems enhancing drug development, clinical trials, production, and distribution. These include algorithm-driven simulation and data visualization tools, ERP and supply chain management solutions, and accounting software
health technology companies
B2B/B2C digital health startups
B2B/B2C digital health startups
We have hands-on experience building telehealth and telemedicine systems, software infrastructure for intelligent diagnostic and assistive devices, and wellness technology solutions that help achieve better physical and mental health outcomes (including Femtech and high-tech baby products)
healthcare software development for medical device manufacturers
Medical device manufacturers
Medical device manufacturers
We lend a helping hand to medical gadget manufacturers looking to create applications underpinning the logic of hospital and consumer-oriented devices. Our expertise includes embedded systems, mobile/web/cloud solutions facilitating device management, and AI-driven tools that make sense of structured and unstructured healthcare data

Our approach to delivering healthcare software development services

We provide a wide range of medical software engineering services, including prototyping, development, deployment, post-launch maintenance, and integration with third-party systems; please choose a service offering that best meets your unique needs!

Turnkey projects Expert advice on next-gen tech Covering project skills gap We take over medical software development projects from start to finish, from the discovery phase and proof of concept up to company-wise deployment and ongoing maintenance—all under one roof We consult our clients on best practices around digital transformation, legacy app modernization, cloud computing , DevOps, artificial intelligence implementation, data management, data analytics We help healthcare providers and digital health companies bridge the skills gap (think AI, DevOps, or intelligent automation!) in knowledge-intensive projects. ITRex offers a plethora of engagement models to make our partnership work

Our healthcare software development expertise

Our medical software solutions portfolio features powerful tools driving patient engagement and automating fastidious tasks associated with inpatient and outpatient care. To secure patient data and protect your IT infrastructure against cyberattacks, we create medical software in line with healthcare IT standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, FDA, HL7, ICD-10, CPT, XDS/XDS-I, HITECH, SSAE, FHIR, and DICOM.

mHealth Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Extended reality Mobile healthcare applications facilitating appointment scheduling, prescription refills, remote consultations, and patient education Mobile, web, cloud apps, and embedded healthcare applications for IoMT devices: diagnostic equipment, vital signs monitors, and multi-layered smart hospital systems Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality solutions enhancing medical images and simulating real-world events for efficient medical staff training
Patient engagement Artificial intelligence RPA IT solutions leveraging state-of-the-art media streaming, content delivery, and communication technologies for remote doctor-patient interactions and patient education Healthcare AI solutions powered by machine learning models and neural networks that uncover insights in patient and physician-generated data and help doctors make better-informed decisions Intelligent robotic process automation solutions streamlining clinical workflows: appointment scheduling, accounting, health plan implementation, and compliance orchestration among others

Why ITRex?

Proven expertise. With 10+ years of experience, 250+ developers, and 150+ happy customers worldwide, we’d been offering healthcare software development services before it became mainstream.
Multi-faceted skills. In addition to creating healthcare software solutions, we provide robust consulting, quality assurance, data management, and cloud optimization services to speed up your company’s digital journey.
Vendor-agnostic approach. When designing medical software solutions, we make sure to only recommend technologies that are suitable for your project and diversify your project’s tech stack to avoid vendor lock-in.
Built-in scalability. As an established healthcare software development company, we have a set of practices and frameworks in place to design medical solutions that scale flexibly along with your business.

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