Biotech application development & consulting services

As a biotechnology software company, we know how to marry the power of information technology with the complexity of living organisms to develop novel products and services improving human lives. Our biotech application development services include:
Custom software development & integration
Whether you need a CRM, document management, or integrated biotech ERP solution, we can guide you through digital transformation! Our biotech software development pros are skilled at custom web and mobile software engineering and enterprise application integration
AI consulting & development
Use ITRex AI development and consulting services to automate processes, spot patterns in research data, and perform complex simulations. Our machine learning and computer vision experts are well-versed in biotech app development and its unique challenges
Big data consulting & implementation
Our biotech app development services build off expert knowledge of big data — and ways to leverage it for business process and cost optimization. Create data storage solutions, integrate siloed databases, and implement advanced data analytics with ITRex!
Internet of Things
ITRex can retrofit your laboratory equipment and facilities with smart sensors to prevent drug wastage. Or we could craft cyber-physical systems emulating living tissue and organs. Our medical IoT and embedded software developers can handle all your biotech software needs expertly
Cloud enablement
Treating cloud computing as the cornerstone of biotech application development, we’ll help you engineer complete back-end solutions supporting your IT systems’ logic. Our services span from cloud database migration to DevOps pipeline setup
Quality Assurance
Quality assurance To validate that your biotechnology software performs smoothly regardless of workload dynamics, ITRex can run it through every manual and and automated test possible. We can also assist you in meeting HIPAA, DICOM, HL7, and FDA compliance requirements.

Biotech solutions we create

We collaborate with enterprises and innovative startups involved in chemical, biopharmaceutical, and genetic engineering, as well as companies from the bioinformatics and omics segments. Hire our biotech application development specialists to create:

Laboratory information management (LIM) and automation systems
In-silico systems, including organs-on-chips (OoCs)
AI-based R&D and clinical trials platforms
Bio-imaging software
Biotech-specific ERP systems
CRM solutions synched with EMR/EHR products
3D visualization and simulation solutions
Custom project management software
Quality management solutions
And more!

Biotech companies we serve

Are you looking to combat chronic and rare diseases, reduce environmental footprint, solve persistent global problems like food shortage, or create cleaner and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes? Our biotech software development company has the right personnel and expertise to assist you with all that and more!

Partner with our biotech application development company to improve the accuracy of diagnostic tools and procedures, optimize therapy based on patients’ genotype, and decrease severity of life-threatening conditions
We assist biotech companies with data-driven drug discovery and production, modeling patients’ response to medications, recruiting patients for clinical trials, and interpreting research results using smart algorithms
Industrial manufacturing
Our biotech software development services for the industrial sector help enhance temperature control in manufacturing processes, minimize reliance on fossil fuels, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce waste
We develop biotech applications helping AgriTech companies increase crop productivity by improving plants’ genetic properties, maximize crop yields while keeping down synthetic fertilizer use, and reduce water consumption

Why explore our biotech application development services?

We have deep domain expertise. ITRex draws on years of experience in mHealth and healthcare software development to help our biotech clients digitalize processes and entire workflows, driving efficiency and cost savings.
We prioritize user experience. From putting data democratization principles at the heart of biotech software development projects to designing effective user interfaces, we know how to create biotechnology software that empowers your team.
We love to innovate. Our biotech development and consulting pros will help you take a shortcut from an idea to a full-blown solution. We have a dedicated R&D lab, Agile mindset, and top qualifications to accomplish the feat.
We are your ultimate technology partner. ITRex is a 350-strong distributed team of IT professionals. We’re knowledgeable in data science, intelligent process automation, and metaverse-enabling technologies. And our customer satisfaction index (CSI) of 83% speaks for itself.

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