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What we’ve learned from 2020 for sure is that hand hygiene compliance is vital. Back in 2015, our client started a project dedicated to reducing the rates of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Being a digital healthcare company with a focus on hygienic management, Hyginex came up with an idea of building an innovative IoT environment. The company wanted to leverage wearable technology to provide healthcare workers with actionable feedback on the frequency and quality of hand hygiene via smart wristbands. The idea was to use sensors to track staff’s movements at the medical facility and notify them of the proper timing and duration of hand hygiene events. The client also needed a desktop platform to easily monitor hand hygiene compliance. Our task was to create healthcare IoT solution to monitor handwashing events of hospital staff.

We faced the following challenges:
Define the domain logic relevant to health care providers
Design a smart hospital environment concept
Create a platform for checking hospitals’ compliance with applicable cleanliness and hygiene standards
Provide back-end healthcare software solution to integrate a wristband IoT technology (multiple Bluetooth devices gathering and sending data to database servers)
Visualize data aggregated from the IoT cloud-connected devices, such as smart wristbands, sanitizers with sensors, tablets
Design a secure pixel-perfect app to convert all data flows into actionable content
Ensure database stability as data loss can cause measurement errors taking a toll on patients health


Full-cycle development and maintenance, including platform design, implementation, bug fixing, and system monitoring
A scalable automated 24/7 Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform to promote better hand hygiene behaviors in real time
Various tracking features for collecting and processing big data on an individual’s hand hygiene activities, including their: frequency, duration, and compliance
UI & data visualization: all aggregated data is being processed and displayed in actionable reports to encourage medical staff either to clean hands more frequently or for a longer time
An Android app with Agile-style dashboards and an Achievement feature allowing users to set goals and get notifications whether they are reached. In-app reminders to promote better hand hygiene behaviors
An advanced dashboard for hospital administrators where they can monitor hand hygiene compliance data on a daily, weekly, monthly or even hourly basis
Stress tests to make sure that the platform will be stable under real-world conditions
Post-release platform stability monitoring with quick response to server downtimes
Healthcare IoT Platform to Improves Hand Hygiene Behavior
Healthcare IoT Platform for Hygenix


The platform has detected that healthcare workers clean their hands less than half of the times that they should in order to prevent the spread of HAI.
Participating hospitals saw an increase in hand hygiene compliance by more than 70 percent within a week. According to the Duke University Study, just a 1% increase in hand hygiene can save a 200-bed hospital about $40,000 annually.
The duration of hand hygiene increased from 10 seconds to 24
Hand sanitizer use tripled
The solution helps hospitals drive down patient mortality and morbidity rates caused by HAI, mitigating their financial and legislative burden as well
Healthcare providers have all the necessary data and tools at their fingertips to stop HAIs.
One of the big benefits of working with the ITRex Group is that they make sure the right work is being done at the right time by the right people. That's probably the biggest selling point – knowing that when you hire them, you're actually going to get something valuable. You can use the deliverables and not be stuck with something that doesn't give you anything.
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Daniel Schuler

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