Our data migration consulting services cover every step of your transition

We have been through data migration projects previously and know all the pitfalls. No matter the type of your data or schema business logic or whether you need to replace a legacy system, move to the cloud, merge data, or upgrade databases, we can help. Using proven methodologies and tools, our approach accepts a zero amount of data loss while minimizing business disruption and downtime. As part of our data migration consulting services, we do:
Pre-migration planning
We assess your data landscape and analyze the source and target systems to set data standards and identify gaps. We decide whether it is best to use the big bang or trickle approach, chart a migration plan with clear milestones, and estimate the effort and cost
Data inspection
This stage of our data migration services involves a detailed analysis of data in the scope of migration, including data quality assessment and data profiling for duplications, missing values, and other anomalies. A risk management strategy is also developed
Migration design
We identify the best-fit data extraction, cleansing, and enrichment mechanisms, as well as the data mapping rules and data validation process. We design software logic for transition, the testing process, and acceptance criteria. And we run live tests to detect issues early
Execution and testing
To eliminate the risk of data loss, we back up all the data to be moved and roll out the migration process using ETL tools and version control best practices. Proper testing is crucial, so we are validating throughout the process. Reconciliation checks ensure that no data goes missing
Application modernization
We revitalize your legacy code to transform your systems for better performance, cost efficiency, and scalability. We make them more flexible and maintainable. You pivot to a new platform quickly and at minimal risks while getting the most out of your tech investment
Data analytics & discovery
As a market leader in emerging tech solutions, we are focused on creating additional value in line with your unique business needs. Empower your new system with enhanced capabilities in data science, machine learning, or data analytics , with our data migration consulting services

Any type of data migration you might need

You can bring us a migration project of any complexity and take the weight off your mind. We will handle every aspect — with end-to-end ownership. Providing data migration services since 2009, our team will help you, too, succeed in your transformation journey.

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Storage migration
Move your data to a new storage system for speedier performance and scalability. Along the way, we can improve your data through data validation, cloning, elimination of outdated info, and beyond
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Application migration
Switch over to an advanced environment for your programs faster and easier than you thought could be possible. We will craft a zero-risk and data loss migration journey that works best for you
Data migration
Relying on vast experience and best practices, we flawlessly move data of any type without modifying schemas while maintaining data security and checking consistency throughout the process
Business process migration
As part of our data migration consulting services, our experienced data consultants can help you with the movement of business applications and databases on customers, operations, and products

How you benefit from ITRex data migration consulting services

Data is your asset. We pair industry best practices with expert insights to maximize its value.
Legacy-agnostic Data integrity Process automation Phased approach Migrating seamlessly and quickly any data from any platform (custom, legacy, or vendor-locked-in) Ensuring data integrity with data validation before, during, and after the move and a strong audit trail Automating the migration sequence wherever possible to deliver rapid, easy, and scalable transition Getting better results with incremental migration that makes it to adjust the process, and review progress

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