Virtual reality app development made easy

Looking for a virtual reality app development team? You've come to the right place! Whether you strive to create realistic simulations of your products and services or design complete virtual environments with distinct spatial and architectural logic, our VR app development company can help! We specialize in:
Natural Language Processing
VR strategy development
With ITRex, the virtual reality app development process starts with a deep dive into your project and business domain. We'll identify your objectives, perform competitor analysis, select the virtual reality headsets your app will run on, and collect information about the end users.
Computer Vision
VR experience design
Next, our VR development team creates storyboards, determines what assets your virtual reality solution needs, and figures out how users interact with digital objects. Haptic and audio aspects of the experience design are also considered at this stage
machine learning
VR asset creation
Our 3D artists create realistic, properly textured 3D models, scenes, and audio and visual effects for your VR app. So whether you need a memorable game character or a virtual copy of your office, our VR app development company can turn your concept into reality (albeit virtual)
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VR application development
ITRex will animate 3D assets, enable your app's business logic, and create VR solutions that run seamlessly on mobile devices, head-mounted displays, and in browsers. Rest assured: we'll make the most of the gadget's built-in hardware, such as sensors and inertial measurement units.
VR application testing
Newly built VR solutions undergo rigorous manual and automated testing to validate that no bugs sneak into the production-ready code. Additionally, our team will eliminate the side effects of virtual reality, such as motion sickness, and conduct multi-user testing at various bandwidths to fine-tune the application's performance.
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VR solution deployment
The ITRex VR application development team follows DevOps best practices to optimize server load, reduce the gap between content delivery and display, and scale the virtual reality solution as your user base grows. And if you need post-launch maintenance or seek to port VR apps to new platforms, we can help, too.

Industry-specific VR solutions

From virtual meetings and remote visits to the world's best museums to metaverse-based offices in Decentraland, our virtual reality app development services take user experience to a new dimension. The ITRex portfolio of virtual reality solutions includes:

Healthcare & biotech
Recruit VR developers at ITRex to build immersive research systems, simulators for healthcare students, and VR apps for mental health therapy, pain management, and patient rehabilitation.
Retail & eCommerce
Tap into our virtual reality development services to increase customer engagement and sustain your revenue growth! ITRex has hands-on experience building virtual reality pop-up stores and showrooms.
Media & Entertainment
Single-player and multi-player games, VR-assisted event broadcasting solutions, and museum technology — we've done it all and know how to transform your business. Talk to our VR consultant to get the ball rolling!
Education & corporate training
As part of our VR application development services, we create safe, fully controlled virtual learning environments for effective employee training and onboarding while merging VR solutions with LMS, CRM, and CMS systems.
Manufacturing & supply chains
Our VR developers design immersive solutions for on-the-job training and equipment maintenance. Thanks to our IoT and AI development expertise, we also minimize digital transformation risks using digital twins — i.e., virtual replicas of your high-value assets and production and warehouse facilities.
Real estate
From virtual property tours with walkthroughs and flythroughs to interactive architecture models, our VR solutions help real estate and construction companies stun customers and bolster sales amid the recession.

Our VR application development know-how

VR Engines
Unity, Unreal Engine, Amazon Sumerian, Google VR, WebXR Device API
3D Modeling
Blender, ZBrush, Adobe Substance 3D Painter, Medium by Adobe Autodesk 3ds Max, Autotest Maya
Back End
Python, Java, .Net, PHP, Node.js
Front End
HTML5, React, Angular, Vue.js

Why work with our VR development company?

We are rooted in R&D. Our VR developers will lay their hands on every available tool to select the optimum tech stack for your project and ensure its success.
We are knowledgeable. As a VR development company with cross-domain expertise, we're au fait with various VR-enabling technologies and services, including UI/UX design, computer vision, cloud computing, augmented reality, and custom software engineering.
We minimize risks. By kicking every VR project off with a proof of concept and defining functional and non-functional requirements early on, we create VR solutions that add value to your business
We are ITRex. ITRex is a next-gen software development company operating at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. With a 350-strong team, a customer satisfaction rate of 83%, and 600+ projects under our belt, we can turn your idea into a winning VR solution!