Custom software engineering services that bring value from day one

We offer a whole gamut of software engineering and consulting services to help our clients create technology systems for enterprise resource planning, collaboration, customer management, data analysis, and process automation. You can turn to our software engineering firm for:
Technology Consulting & Audits
Technology consulting is the cornerstone of our software engineering services package. We’ll assess your business requirements, review your existing IT infrastructure, propose a suitable tech, and create a proof of concept to assess the feasibility of your idea.
Software Development
Whether you need a mobile app with a powerful cloud back end, a dynamic web app, embedded software for a Smart Home device, or an advanced analytics platform to crunch your Big Data, our software engineering company is here at your service!
Solution Architecture
Drawing on the insights uncovered during the project discovery phase, our software architects join forces with skilled business analysts to design a resilient software architecture that will scale flexibly along with your business and leave room for innovation.
Application Modernization
Besides custom software engineering, we migrate legacy applications to a modern tech stack, segment bulky software into microservices, orchestrate containerized apps with Kubernetes, and interconnect the components of your IT infrastructure.
Deployment & Maintenance
The ITRex software engineering service team will follow DevOps best practices to set up a complete cloud infrastructure for your software solution, ensure faster updates, and monitor application performance. We offer three tiers of support, too.
UI/UX Design
From auditing your customers’ buying journey to applying data democratization principles in data analytics dashboard design, our software engineering company always creates navigation logic and interfaces that allow users to perform intended actions with minimal friction.
Quality Assurance
As part of our software product engineering services, we turn to manual testing and write scripts for automated tests to validate that your applications contain zero bugs, perform as expected, and deliver unsurpassed user experience.
Product Innovation
We provide innovative software engineering services to tech startups and enterprises undergoing digital transformation. If you’re looking to add RPA bots to your accounting software or build an IoT-powered fitness mirror from the ground up, just drop us a line!

Software engineering solutions in focus

Our software engineering company collaborates with businesses from the healthcare, finance, education, retail, supply chain management, and other verticals. We help our clients test the novel technology waters, scale IT systems company wide, and ensure faster paybacks. Our core software engineering solutions expertise spans:

Enterprise Technology
The ITRex software product engineering firm is well-versed in enterprise IT technologies. ERP systems, CRM and help desk solutions, document and learning management systems, HRM and project management software, accounting and eProcurement tools — you can find it all in our portfolio.
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Artificial Intelligence
We take pride in our AI expertise and offer a wide range of innovative software engineering services to supercharge your technology systems. Partner with ITRex to develop apps with computer vision capabilities, train highly accurate machine learning models, and reduce bias in custom AI deployments.
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Rule-based business process automation tools, lightweight RPA bots interacting with application interfaces, and AI algorithms automating processes based on historical and real-time data — we’ve been there, done that. Tap into our software engineering services to boost employee productivity and cut operational costs!
Big Data Analytics
ITRex Group is a software engineering company with a strong background in data science. Do you need help customizing SaaS business intelligence (BI) products to best suit your analytics? Are you struggling to interpret unstructured data or ensure an uninterrupted flow of information across your IT infrastructure? Whatever your objectives are, we’ve got you covered!
Internet of Everything
To help you further boost your data analytics and automation efforts, we transform your assets, equipment, and even personnel into a wealth of data. For this, we design and implement smart sensors, embedded systems, cloud-based data storage and processing solutions, and rich user interfaces, which range from mobile apps to built-in voice assistants.
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We draw on our extended reality and blockchain development expertise to create metaverse apps of all sizes and levels of complexity. Whether you need an augmented reality app with Snapchat-like filters or a marketplace to trade NFTs, we’re the right software engineering firm to undertake your project!

Software engineering services delivered how and when you need them

As an IT firm that went all the way from a software engineering outsourcing company to a technology vendor with niche expertise, ITRex offers flexible engagement models to meet your requirements:

Turnkey Projects

Dedicated Teams

IT staff Augmentation

One way to avail of our software engineering services is to explore our turnkey product development model, which is based on the time and materials (T&M) approach. We’ll exercise full control over the development process and deliver working software (or pieces thereof!) at regular intervals, freeing up your time for strategic work. Expert knowledge, extensive reporting, transparent pricing, and customer centricity guaranteed.

Our software engineering company at a glance

Maturity: on the market since 2009
Experience: 600+ projects completed
Flexibility: 350+ IT specialists in five countries, lower risks thanks to the distributed team approach
Transparency: effective development, project management, and reporting tools
Agility: fast innovation at scale
Mastery: full-stack software engineering capabilities
Reliability: customer satisfaction index (CSI) of 83%
Excellence: ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001 compliance; Microsoft and Google Cloud partnerships

How customers benefit from our software engineering services