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Our company is well-versed in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and its subsets, data science, and the Internet of Things. Equipped with this knowledge, ITRex can help you with anomaly detection solution development — in the cloud or at the edge. So, choose an approach that best works for you:
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Cloud anomaly detection
We’ll scavenge data from across your IT infrastructure, including internal software systems, connected equipment and assets, and third-party services, and relay it to the cloud. It’s there that custom-trained machine learning models will consume it, detect any deviations from a preset baseline, and prompt you to take action.
Edge anomaly detection
To reduce data latency and cloud infrastructure costs in mission-critical systems, such as production line monitoring, autonomous vehicles, traffic management, and medical IoT solutions, we’ll configure anomaly detection systems to do their magic on the device. The data that does not require immediate analysis will be bulk-uploaded to the cloud for later analysis and secure storage.
Our anomaly detection solutions will help you:
Turn your siloed IT systems and data sources into a unified intelligent analytics solution
Eliminate the need for manual data review and, in the case of unsupervised machine learning, data labeling
Detect spikes, performance glitches, correlations, and trend shifts before they affect your business
Stay on the alert thanks to real-time notifications
Democratize access to data analytics, helping your employees of all levels make better-informed decisions
Improve the security, reliability, and resilience of software and cyber-physical systems

Our anomaly detection services tech stack

Our anomaly detection company leverages a combination of open-source and proprietary technologies, including machine learning frameworks, data mining tools, and application integration services, to craft process monitoring and anomaly detection solutions tailored to your business needs:

Cloud services
Microsoft Azure (Cognitive Services, Anomaly Detector), AWS (Sagemaker, Cloud Watch, Kinesis, Panorama, IoT Greengrass), Google Cloud (Stream Analytics, AI services)
Machine learning models
Scikit-learn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, Apache Spark MLlib
Data integration, warehousing & analytics
Apache NiFi, SQL Server Integration Services, Trifacta, Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, PostgreSQL, MySQL, AWS Glue, Azure Data Factory
Data visualization
Kibana, Grafana, D3.js, matplotlib, Plotly

Industry-specific anomaly detection solutions we build

Whether you’re into supply chain management or run a BioTech laboratory, we’ll gather data you never knew you had, boil it down to meaningful insights, and present the findings using sleek user interfaces — from cloud dashboards to voice assistants. Our anomaly detection software expertise spans:

We’ll configure your healthcare, pharma, and life science technology systems to automatically identify changes in patient vital signs data, adverse drug events, high-risk patients, equipment failures, and outbreaks of infectious diseases
Our custom anomaly solutions address assembly verification, surface inspection, process monitoring, and root cause analysis, helping you enhance equipment uptime, quality control, energy optimization, and accident prevention.
As an anomaly detection company, we help retail and eCommerce businesses spot credit card fraud, improve security in physical stores, analyze sudden drops and spikes in product demand, catch pricing errors, gauge customer satisfaction, and more!
Smart cities
ITRex will help you merge anomaly detection solutions into technology systems comprising smart city deployments. These include sensor and camera-based traffic monitoring, public safety, energy and waste management, and animal control systems

Why select ITRex among other anomaly detection companies?

We know your business inside and out. Thanks to our rich expertise in multiple domains, including healthcare, banking, and commerce technology, we understand the unique challenges your business faces — and build anomaly detection solutions that fully address them.
We take the custom route. Our team creates bespoke anomaly detection solutions based on robust cloud services and open-source machine learning technologies. These solutions, unlike SaaS-based tools, are customizable, fully address your requirements, and scale as your business grows.
We breathe AI. ITRex has been training custom machine learning models, from supervised algorithms to deep neural networks, since before it became mainstream. We know how to collect and prepare training data and create AI-based anomaly detection solutions that are accurate, explainable, and ethical.
We strive for your success. Our customer satisfaction index of 83% speaks for itself: our anomaly detection service team won’t stop until your connected palette changer or Holter monitor flawlessly spots abnormalities and notifies staff before accidents occur.

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