Flexible retail software development services

A retail software development company with 13+ years of experience, we have full-stack capabilities to help you ride the crest of digital transformation in retail. Whether you’re about to develop a custom retail solution, customize an existing retail platform, or integrate several disparate solutions into a coherent retail ecosystem, we’re up for the challenge.
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Custom retail solutions
We’ll help you embrace omnichannel with a tailored solution that integrates seamlessly into your tech infrastructure and fully supports your retail, wholesale, and dealership management operations.
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Platform-based retail solutions
We’ll help you choose the right platform to address your business’ pain points, implement all the needed customizations, and integrate the solution with the available corporate software.
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Integration of custom solutions
We’ll leverage our expertise in retail software development and integration to make sure your retail ecosystem is consistent and interoperable, bringing together multiple systems and apps.

Boost retail and wholesale operations

With our retail software development services, you can empower your business with tools that make it easier to manage orders and payments, as well as optimize and even automate sourcing, procurement, and distribution operations.

Order management solutions On-demand delivery solutions Our retail software company creates applications that help align inventory and orders across multiple channels, set up compound shipping schedules, manage order profiles, and tap into insightful reporting and analytics. Our retail software development services will help you make delivery a seamless part of the customer experience. We develop delivery apps featuring route planning, real-time order tracking, fleet capacity optimization, and other competitive functionality.
Supply chain management solutions Billing and accounting solutions We’ll help you handle the flow of goods from suppliers all the way to end customers, optimize purchasing and procurement, tendering and acquisition, fleet and warehouse management, as well as product distribution and merchandise. Upgrade payment processing with software that allows fast handling of point-of-sale transactions, supports automated invoicing and configurable discount schemes, and integrates smoothly with CRM, SCM, and other essential retail systems.

Overcome the aftermath of the pandemic and reopen safely

With brick-and-mortar stores reopening, retailers need to make sure offline shopping is safe and enjoyable. We empower the retail industry with software solutions that do just that. Our custom retail software solutions will help you inform your customers about safety regulations, make sure they follow precaution measures, and prevent crowding through self-service and self-checkout experiences.

Virtual try-on solutions Self-checkout solutions AI-powered video analytics and foot traffic analysis Our retail software development services include implementing VR and AR-powered solutions, like virtual fitting rooms and product catalogs, for buyers to get a sense of how a particular product looks or fits without touching it. Our retail software company develops software for self-service kiosks, shopping carts, and self-checkout systems with secure contactless payments to let your customers pay for the goods fast and without queueing. We develop AI-powered software for CCTV cameras and sensor-based IoT systems that can analyze customer flow and foot traffic patterns in real time to detect and prevent crowding.

Orchestrate engaging customer experience

With our retail software services, you can augment your business with retail software solutions that let you dig into your customers’ wishes, breed loyalty with personalized offers, encourage repeat purchases, and boost the in-store experience.

Customer profile and relationship management solutions Loyalty solutions In-store engagement solutions We develop full-featured retail solutions that let you merge the data about your customers’ purchase and conversion history, shopping behavior, and other data from multiple sources like retail CRM, ecommerce sites, and social media to gain a comprehensive view of your customers and reach them with personalized offers. Manage loyalty, referral, and partnership programs via a single solution featuring customer account management, loyalty analytics, mobile access, personalized notifications, and more. Retail loyalty solutions we build seamlessly integrate with vital retail systems, like ERP and POS, too. We extend our retail software development services to creating apps, chatbots, and virtual assistants that let you reach out to customers with tailored notifications as they shop; develop real-time marketing campaigns; answer customers’ questions via conversational interfaces; upsell effectively.

Gain efficiency and exceed customer expectations with AI-powered intelligence

Specializing in artificial intelligence, we put it to use when developing software solutions for retail. Our retail data analytics solutions merge data from retail ERPs, CRMs, vendor portals, customer-facing mobile apps, social media, and other sources to create data ecosystems that provide a 360-degree look into your customers and business operations.

Customer analytics In-store analytics Sales and demand forecasting Inventory and product assortment analysis AI-powered solutions that draw in data from siloed data sets and external information on demographics, psychographics, and more to create a complete understanding of the customer experience, anticipate customer needs, incept at-risk buyers, and increase sales and customer satisfaction. We implement intelligent retail solutions that allow measuring the number of visits, the share of new versus known customers, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and their influence on shopping behavior, and more to increase shop performance, optimize customer experience, and drive sales. AI-powered analytics tools that allow analyzing historical sales, inventory, and pricing data against seasonality, competitor activity, consumer trends, special events, and other factors in order to predict demand for specific SKUs and optimize procurement, inventory management, and marketing strategies. We develop custom retail solutions that analyze historical inventory data, assortment depth, and product segments to align supply and demand, increase inventory turnover, reduce inventory holding costs, improve stock availability and lead times, and minimize the risk of overstocking and stock-outs.
ITRex — retail software development company you can trust
We have hands-on experience creating cyber-physical systems and embedded software for smart retail equipment, including beacon-powered systems, surveillance cameras, digital signage, and checkout-free solutions.
We are well-versed in building complete data ecosystems — including AI-powered ones — that provide a 360-degree view into a company’s operations for global retail brands.
We have ten years of experience delivering retail software development services and full-stack capabilities in place, including web, mobile, cloud, and embedded systems development, to back up digital transformation in retail.
We follow retail software development best practices and set up all the necessary data security practices to ensure that our retail solutions comply with PCI DSS, GDPR, and relevant local regulations.
Itrex’s team are experts in their trade. The software development they provided was critical to advancing the project to the next level.
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Jeff Block
VP of Process and Technology
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When you hire them, you're actually going to get something valuable.
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Daniel Schuler
Itrex is an outstanding partner. They don't even feel like a contractor, but more like a fully integrated team.
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Ashley Lewis
Director of Product Management
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