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Node.js, Swift, AWS, Postgres, DynamoDB, ElasticCache, GraphDB, MongoDB


Live-streaming has become an essential element of mobile social networking services. Live-streaming features are constantly enhanced as social media platforms seek to attract and engage more users and meet the growing needs of broadcasters and viewers. The client asked ITRex to help improve the live-streaming library integrated into a number of its highly popular social networks.

Particularly, we took on the following challenges:
Join a large-scale project as a remote cross-functional team and collaborate with other teams and the client
Add new features and updates to a product integrated into applications on the Android and iOS platforms
Implement manual testing using Android and iOS devices and simulators


A feature-packed live-streaming speed dating game where a streamer has 90 seconds to decide whether to skip to the next contestant in line or continue communicating with the current contestant, and where potential dates can be filtered by age, gender, and location
A live-streaming feature that provides couples who match during a dating game with an opportunity to get a free gift card to a restaurant for an in-person date
Streamer levels, a feature that tracks, rewards and gamifies engagement in live video by awarding points and enabling broadcasters to progress through the ranks as they stream more and gain more viewers
Streamer profiles that allow users to learn more information about broadcasters and that feature edit and privacy settings
Gift features allowing social network users to send virtual gifts to live-streamers and other users, who can exchange them for other in-app credits and cash rewards
Virtual face mask features that enable streamers to entertain viewers and help the apps attract more users
Machine learning-powered solution to filter spam messages and images and inappropriate content, and to block users spreading such content
Live-Streaming Features for Social Networking
Social Networking


The new features and other improvements helped the mobile social networking apps attract new users and generate more revenue through in-app purchases, subscriptions and advertising
The apps attracted investor interest and the company was acquired by an investor in 2020

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