Haulynx is a freight management solution company engaged in building a large IoT network for transparent connections between Drivers, Brokers and Carriers to bring efficiency and automation to the transportation industry
Logistics & Transportation
Product Development
Android, Butter Knife, Mapbox, iOS (SWIFT), Firebase DB, Firebase Crashlytics, Node JS, Python, AWS services, Object Box, Angular, NGRX


Haulynx offers a web and mobile application for freight brokers, carriers and drivers intended to manage multiple freight transportation and logistics needs. Haulynx was referred to our company by one of our clients while looking for a highly-qualified team of front-end design and development experts to redesign their web and Android/iOS applications

Our team took on the following challenges:
Revamp the web application interface and the mobile app UI/UX design (both Android and iOS)
Refactor the application architecture to make it more scalable
Develop a Load Feed feature from scratch to enable carriers to receive free load offers matched to their specific preferences


A complete redesign and rebranding of the web application interface and mobile app UI/UX
Web and mobile front-end development
The Haulynx load distribution network that allows carriers to search and book specific loads based on search parameters, including reviewing, booking or rejecting Individual Broker offers, Exclusive loads at a premium price, and Recommended loads that appear in the feed based on lane preferences and truck location
The Haulynx load management tool to easily manage accepted load offers, from dispatch to pick-up and through to delivery
Freight Management Solution Redesign for Haulynx
Computer program - Product design
Product design - Brand
Haulynx case study


An easy-to-use web admin panel and a highly intuitive mobile app UI
Complete load life-cycle management, from freight offers to delivery
Carriers in the Haulynx network are seamlessly connected to exclusive, tailored load opportunities
Carriers are enabled to receive tailored load offers, browse available loads, import or manage third-party loads, and track all of their organization’s loads from acceptance to completion

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