End-to-end intelligent process automation services

Tap into our intelligent process automation services to create a flexible, always-on digital workforce and free up your employees’ time for strategic work and meaningful interactions with customers. Our intelligent process automation expertise spans:
Business process automation (BPA)
From keyword-triggered chatbots serving as the first line of action for customer service units to appointment scheduling and feedback collection software, we’ll help you build and deploy robust business process automation solutions that facilitate mundane tasks and boost productivity.
Avail of our robotic process automation services to create ingenious, rule-based bots that absorb structured data and mimic human actions. Our custom robotic process automation solutions take over repetitive tasks like form filling, claims processing, and report generation, driving efficiency and reducing operational costs in document-heavy industries.
AI-driven process automation
By adding computer vision, natural language processing, and fuzzy logic to digital process automation solutions, we create systems that retrieve unstructured data from a host of enterprise apps, boil the information down to meaningful insights, act on it, and orchestrate workflows across your company — all with little to no involvement on your part.

Intelligent process automation services for every industry

Interpret customer sentiment to bolster your marketing campaigns, streamline stock replenishment by digitalizing procurement operations, and detect fraudulent behavior with RPA and AI-powered intelligent process automation tools.
Healthcare and BioTech
Leverage operational analytics to forecast hospital admissions and optimum inventory levels, facilitate medication discovery and clinical trials by modeling drug response, and automate patient and staff authorization using BPA, digital workforce, and artificial intelligence.
Fast-track student enrollment and accounting operations, implement next-gen tools for student attendance monitoring, and entrust routine tasks like checking assignments for plagiarism and managing class schedules to intelligent software.
Logistics and transportation
Process invoices in the blink of an eye, gain real-time insights into your purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash operations, and align supply with demand with the help of smart automation solutions.
Become faster and more efficient at claims processing, eradicate manual work from the policy management process, and avoid compliance breaches by taking advantage of our intelligent process automation services.
Accelerate customer request processing and reporting operations, provide superior client service by automating customer-facing transactions, and develop a better-informed approach to credit decisioning with next-gen IPA solutions.

Unlock the full benefits of intelligent process automation solutions

BPA, RPA, and algorithm-driven DPA solutions are just a set of technologies that come together to digitalize, integrate, and enhance workflows in your organization. Their actual value lies in giving your company the much-needed resources and tools to grow, scale, and prosper in times of uncertainty and intense competition. Partner with ITRex to:

Automate any tedious jobs that previously required human participation or guidance and free up your employees’ time for more creative, mission-critical tasks Pinpoint security vulnerabilities in enterprise software and monitor network traffic in real time to detect and fight off cyberattacks
Tap into structured and unstructured operational data buried in the vaults of legacy enterprise systems that were not designed to talk to each other Ensure compliance with governmental and industry-specific standards, regulations, and best practices
Eliminate human errors by entrusting business tasks, big and small, to intelligent software that learns on the job and only gets better over time Improve customer experience by responding faster and uncovering the intent behind clients’ queries

How we approach intelligent process automation

The ITRex team will help you enhance and automate any process or workflow — from facilitating manual data entry to architecting complete data ecosystems that provide a 360-degree view into your company’s operations and deliver the right insights to the right person and at the right place. We have a highly efficient roadmap for that:






We contemplate your processes and collect stakeholder feedback to pinpoint workflows that could be improved