medical imaging software development services medical imaging software development services

Medical imaging software development services

Enhance diagnostic accuracy, ensure secure data handling, and achieve end-to-end application and data integration with our medical imaging software development services
medical imaging software development services

ITRex medical imaging software development services at a glance

As a leading provider of medical imaging software development services, ITRex can help you enhance existing imaging systems or embark on the development of novel solutions. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your medical imaging solution meets the highest standards of accuracy, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Partner with us on the following:
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Medical imaging consulting
Specializing in healthcare software development, our team can analyze your business needs and provide a detailed strategy for medical imaging software implementation. We can also consult you on the optimal tech stack, compliance, or any other aspect of your project.
Custom medical imaging software development
ITRex combines expertise in software engineering with a deep understanding of medical imaging technologies. From image acquisition to interpretation, we deliver custom medical imaging solutions that empower doctors with advanced diagnostic capabilities.
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Medical imaging software integration
Our medical imaging software company will help you transform your healthcare ecosystem. Our seasoned team will ensure that the medical imaging solution integrates with your EHR/EMR, telehealth and telemedicine platforms, and any other apps in your IT infrastructure.
Medical imaging software migration and modernization
Our team is experienced in the seamless migration of legacy systems to modern platforms, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Trust us to optimize your medical imaging solutions for enhanced performance, scalability, and regulatory compliance.
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Medical imaging software customization
From feature set enhancements to specialized integrations, our dedicated team will collaborate closely with you to understand your unique objectives and customize your medical imaging solutions to align perfectly with the existing workflows.
AI technology integration
As part of our artificial intelligence development services, we’ll help you unlock the full potential of medical imaging with flawless AI integration. Contact ITRex to enhance your software with AI algorithms for automated image analysis, pattern recognition, and decision support.
Support and maintenance
Our medical imaging consultants will provide round-the-clock support, proactive maintenance, and software updates for better performance and reliability, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care without interruption.
Employee training
Our medical imaging analysis software development company offers training programs and educational resources to equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills they need to maximize the benefits of medical imaging solutions.

Custom medical imaging solutions that we create

Our medical imaging software company can partner with your healthcare practice or research facility to build a comprehensive diagnostic medical imaging solution from scratch or focus on select functions, such as image visualization and secure sharing. We can also enrich your medical imaging software with ML, computer vision, and generative AI capabilities.

Custom diagnostic imaging software
With our feature-rich custom medical image analysis software solutions, you will work with different image modalities stored in shareable formats, segment and annotate images, generate reports, and benefit from built-in diagnostic assistance.
AI-powered diagnostic assistants
ITRex uses a powerful mix of deep learning and other AI technologies to craft intelligent assistants that detect anomalies, aid in medical diagnosis, and personalize treatments. Their functionality spans image processing and segmentation, feature extraction, and more.
3D visualization and reconstruction software
Our medical imaging solutions enhance poor-quality images and provide intricate 3D visualizations. Such software will help you perform a more detailed anatomic analysis, improve diagnosis, and better plan for surgeries.
Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS)
Our custom PACS solutions meet the unique needs of healthcare providers, researchers, and medical device manufacturers. With this software, you can securely store, access, and share medical images without worrying about compliance.
Mobile imaging apps
Our medical imaging software development team can design and implement mobile-friendly healthcare solutions for accessing, viewing, and analyzing medical images on smartphones and tablets, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for healthcare providers on the go.
Clinical trial imaging solutions
Collaborate with our medical imaging consultants to streamline your clinical trials. Our custom clinical trial imaging solutions offer convenient image capturing, management, and analysis options while remaining compliant with the regulations and the trial’s protocols.

Medical fields we serve

Our medical imaging software development team will work with you to identify the unique needs of your medical practice and build a tailored solution. Whether you prefer to start with simple medical imaging software or experiment with a comprehensive AI-powered system, we are here to help. We serve these medical practices:

Radiologists can use our medical imaging solutions to detect tumors, fractures, and other anomalies, as well as monitor treatment efficacy and change course without waiting for the patient’s condition to degrade.
As a medical imaging software development company with experience in AI technology, we will enable neurologists to detect and classify brain tumors with minimal surgical interventions and spot inner ear and eye diseases.
AI-powered medical imaging solutions can help you catch different cancer types at early stages and monitor their progression and response to treatment. AI algorithms can even suggest customized treatment options.
Our medical imaging consultants can build a solution that will help you detect cavities and gauge their severity, analyze cephalometric and panoramic radiographs when preparing for orthodontic treatments, assess bone quality, predict implant surgery outcomes, and more.
Our AI-driven medical imaging solutions help orthopedic professionals detect and assess joint degeneration, spot tissue injuries, evaluate spinal deformities, and prepare for implant surgeries.
Our medical imaging software can reconstruct cardiovascular images and eliminate noise, while incorporated AI algorithms can spot abnormalities and detect diseases. For example, they can identify coronary artery calcium scores, indicators of coronary artery disease.
Benefit from our expertise in medical imaging software development to analyze CT scans and chest X-rays and spot diseases, such as tuberculosis and pneumonia, at early onset. You can also use our solutions to streamline your daily workflows.
ITRex medical imaging consultants can build a solution that will support breast cancer screening. Studies show that AI can even predict which patients will develop cancer in the coming years. This would be a great way to help your patients.

Medical image modalities we can handle

All our custom medical image analysis software solutions comply with industry standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, HL7, FHIR, and HITECH. We also cover a wide range of medical image modalities to make it more convenient for you. Our solutions can handle the following image types:
Computed tomography (CT) scans
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Positron-emission tomography (PET)

Data formats we work with

Our medical imaging solutions support all the commonly-used data formats. These include:


Medical imaging software development and integration projects we’ve delivered

ITRex: a medical imaging software development company you can rely on

Proven expertise. We are a global team of 230+ IT professionals with full-stack software engineering skills and over a decade of experience in healthcare software development. We’ve built tailored solutions from scratch as well as customized and integrated existing software.
Built-in scalability. Our medical imaging solutions are scalable by design, so you will have no problem expanding your practice or incorporating new image and data formats.
Compliance with industry standards. We comply with HIPAA, GDPR, FHIR, HL7, and other standards. We also have experience with established software development security standards, such as OWASP, and adhere to secure payment processing standards, like PCI DSS.
Outcome-oriented approach. When you partner with us to develop medical imaging software, we will help you integrate it into your workflows, train your employees to use it, and take care of maintenance and updates.


1. Which technologies do you use with medical imaging software development?
Depending on the complexity of your project, we can incorporate different AI technologies, such as deep learning, computer vision, and generative AI. But we never just include these technologies for their own sake. We will analyze your requirements and suggest the best suited tech stack. If a cheaper technology will do the job as well, we will advise you on it. However, if you want to go for comprehensive AI-powered custom medical image analysis software, we have skilled developers and an innovative R&D department to satisfy your needs.
2. What features do your custom medical image analysis software solutions include?
If you are building a custom medical imaging solution, then we can agree on the feature package that suits your needs. A set of common features typically includes image viewing, secure saving and sharing options, image segmentation and annotation, and feature extraction, among others. We can also arrange for an AI-powered expert system that will help discover abnormalities, such as fractures and tumors, and even recommend personalized treatment options.
3. What can AI do for medical imaging?
AI and its subtypes can add a wide spectrum of capabilities to medical imaging software, depending on your practice type. It can help catch cancer in its early stages, study bone density, detect and classify brain tumors, spot hidden fractures and soft tissue injuries, and more. Gen AI can help you generate medical reports, produce possible scenarios of disease development, and synthesize data for training AI algorithms when real data is scarce or can’t be used due to security and privacy reasons.

And there are many other cases where AI technology can help. Just let us know which challenges you are facing, and we will recommend an optimal solution.
4. How much does it cost to build a medical imaging solution?
It all depends on the type of medical imaging software, its feature set, the technology used, and many other factors. We can only give an estimate after an initial consultation. For more information, check out our guides on estimating the cost of software development. If you are interested in the price tags of different technologies, our analysts have prepared elaborate articles on how much AI costs, the expenses associated with machine learning, and how much you can expect to pay for Gen AI.
5. How can medical imaging software help me manage my practice?
It can help you capture, store, access, and share medical images in a secure and compliant fashion. Depending on the selected feature set, it can also enhance low-quality images, create 3D visualizations, highlight abnormalities, and more. You can also integrate a medical imaging solution with your EHR/EMR system to have all the images attached to the corresponding patient.
6. What can I expect if I work with your medical imaging software development company?
First of all, we will have a preliminary consultation to understand your requirements and determine how we can help. Afterwards, we will design and build a custom medical imaging solution. But our collaboration doesn’t end there. Our team will help you integrate this solution with internal and external systems and make sure it fits seamlessly. We can also conduct training sessions to help your employees get accustomed to the new software. And we have service packages for maintenance and support. Tell us what you are looking for, and we will make sure we meet your expectations.