All-encompassing application testing and QA services

Our services are not just about app testing , although that’s what we do professionally! We can also help you establish a culture of excellence where application quality is an imperative. Thanks to robust quality management, you prevent costly mistakes, cut project costs, and build apps that always satisfy users.

We test every aspect
of your app

We provide cross-platform, Android, and iOS app testing services, thoroughly validating application parameters against functional and non-functional requirements.

Functional testing Performance testing End-to-end mobile testing Smoke testing | Regression testing | Unit testing | Integration testing | System testing Load testing | Stress testing | Scalability testing | Stability testing | Volume testing | Configuration testing Validating an app’s business logic from start to finish under production-like conditions
Compatibility testing Security testing Usability testing and UX audit Cross-platform | Cross-browser Vulnerability assessment | Penetration testing | Security code review | Compliance testing App usability testing | UX audit

Our mobile QA
tools and technologies

Our mobile testing experts apply best practices and know-hows to select a combination of tools and frameworks that are optimal for your project.

Manual testing toolkit

Mobile automation testing toolkit

Lean mobile testing

When it comes to testing processes, we balance follow-through and flexibility to keep quality in focus, while being able to quickly respond to your needs.





Analyzing your project processes and defining testing needs.

cooperation options

We offer multiple engagement models, so you can choose the one that balances costs, flexibility and performance best for your business.

Team augmentation On-demand testing Our experienced mobile QA professionals and testers will join your team to fill any talent gaps. If you need to test a specific application module or user path, we can take over at any stage of the software development cycle. Get expert advice from our vetted consultants to find bottlenecks and increase the overall efficiency of your testing processes.
Mobile testing as a service Strategic consultancy We can take care of your apps on a managed service basis, taking full responsibility for their quality and delivering results based on SLA. Get expert advice from our vetted consultants to find bottlenecks and increase the overall efficiency of your testing processes.

Why ITRex as your app testing company

of experience
test engineers
successful projects
Quick integration
with your workflow and fast team resize
100% transparency
with regular reporting
Minimal on-boarding
48 hours
to start your project
Agile delivery
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