Why hire Node.js developers from ITRex?

Immediate availability: a large pool of in-house Node.js developers and consultants with CVs ready for your review within 24 hours
Seniority: middle and senior developers comprise 74% of our Node.js team
Risk-free approach: we sign an NDA and offer a 30-day trial period and warranties on all Node.js projects
Full-stack capabilities: a team of web, mobile, cloud, DevOps, and QA/QAA experts to complement your custom Node.js development project
Proven track record: 12,500 hours spent on Node.js development
Happy clients: our customer satisfaction index (CSI) is 83%

Rundown of our Node.js development services

If you want to follow the steps of Netflix, Trello, and Twitter and grow your business tenfold by switching to a modern, flexible technology stack, you’ve come to the right place! At ITRex Group, you can hire expert Node.js developers who can assist you with:
Custom Node.js application development Node.js application migration and containerization Node.js application integration Node.js application maintenance and support We’ll harness Node.js, the development environment powered by C/C++, and over a million libraries and packages from the NPM repository to create rich single-page apps (SPAs) and mobile app backends capable of handling concurrent I/O requests and updating data in real-time. Whether you seek to migrate an existing app to Node.js without compromising on its performance or adopt a microservices architecture, giving superpowers to your feature-rich multi-tenant application, our Node.js development company will help you out! ITRex knows how to make the most of Node.js’s seamless JSON support, REST APIs, modules, and packages to merge your app with other components of your IT infrastructure and third-party services. Tap into our Node.js development services to achieve full application interoperability! Our expert Node.js development team will keep your software in perfect shape! Whether it’s incorporating new features into your app, updating Node.js package versions, or addressing the technical debt left by other teams, ITRex is the right Node.js development company to undertake your project!

Our Node.js software development expertise

We provide Node.js development services to healthcare, finance, retail, logistics, and education companies undergoing ad-hoc digital transformation. The ITRex experts leverage the environment’s reusable front-end and back-end components and innate scalability to build:
Complex SPAs Instant messaging apps Our custom Node.js development know-how includes social networking applications, online graphics and image editors, blogging platforms, broker software, and other web apps that update content without reloading the page. Our Node.js developers avail of the platform’s excellent support for WebSockets and the almighty Event API to create secure messaging applications that support file sharing, audio and video calls, and chatbot-assisted communications.
IoT dashboards Real-time collaboration tools As a Node.js development company with a knack for the Internet of Things, we utilize the development environment to establish continuous data exchange between the low-memory components of an IoT solution and visualize sensor data. Thanks to Node.js’s event-driven architecture and ability to simultaneously handle multiple connections, we consider it the go-to tech stack for developing audio and video conferencing, project management, and collaborative document editing apps.
Streaming applications Our Node.js development company uses the platform’s native Stream API to build apps that directly stream data from one destination to another and process files while they’re still being uploaded, all without caching and delays.

Why hire our Node.js development company?

We know Node.js inside out. Our Node.js developers are well-aware of the environment’s strengths and limitations and make valuable contributions to the Node.js open-source ecosystem of libraries, packages, and modules.
We care about your budget. When delivering custom Node.js development projects, we capitalize on the platform’s flexibility and lack of context-switching between different programming languages to shorten development time, reduce costs, and improve code maintainability.
We solve business challenges. At ITRex, every project is preceded by an analysis phase. If Node.js can neither help you achieve your business goals faster nor future-proof your IT strategy, we’ll come up with a better alternative.
We are ITRex. With 350+ top-notch IT specialists, 600+ completed projects, and partnerships with the leading cloud vendors, we have the right mindset, skills, and expertise to address your custom Node.js development needs. And yes, we offer plenty of collaboration models to choose from!