A rundown of our back-end development services

We kick off back-end development projects with a meticulous analysis of your requirements and IT infrastructure. Next, we devise a software architecture, create a technical roadmap, select suitable tools, decide on the engagement model, and come up with an estimate that matches your budget and objectives. Our back-end development services span:
Mobile app back-end development Back-end web development Back-end integration via APIs Our specialists create mobile back ends enabling advanced business logic in native and cross-platform apps. Whether you need an application with multiple types of user accounts, payment services, built-in customer loyalty and referral programs, or real-time sensor data processing capabilities, we’ll take on the challenge! As part of our back-end web development services, we build applications from the ground up or assist our clients’ front-end teams on a dedicated team or pay-as-you-go basis. Hire back-end developers at ITRex if you need a customer-facing portal, sleek e-commerce website, or enterprise-grade web application! With our back-end development services, you can interconnect the components of your IT infrastructure and harness the power of third-party applications to move your business forward! Our back-end API solutions securely log into apps, scavenge information across databases, and automate processes, freeing up your employees’ time for creative work
Back end as a service (BaaS) Cloud back-end development Back-end refactoring To help you roll out apps across different platforms and user bases faster, we build reliable mobile back end as a service (mBaaS) solutions comprising a universal application programming interface (API) for your future deployments. Tap into our back-end development services to thrive in the digital, API-first era! A vetted Google Cloud and Microsoft partner, our back-end development company has the right skills and tools to expedite your project. From setting up scalable data warehouse solutions to managing containerized apps with Kubernetes or implementing DevOps and test automation , we know how to build cloud back-end solutions that deliver Changing an app’s behavior under the hood without disrupting user experience on the front end is a trick few companies can pull. Our back-end development services team will help you optimize web and cloud apps’ performance, address technical debt, split applications into self-sufficient microservices, and migrate software to the cloud

Our back-end solutions

We provide back-end development services to companies looking to modernize legacy software systems, adapt their processes to the needs imposed by the remote work era, automate workflows, and fill the gaps in their security defense. We’re excellent at building:

Enterprise Back-End Solutions
The ITRex back-end development services for the enterprise segment include the creation of fail-proof, scalable back-office systems and server-side infrastructure for ERP, SCM, CRM, DMS, LMS, MarTech, and FinTech applications
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Data Storage & Analytics
If you hire back-end developers at ITRex, you’ll get a team of experts in data warehouse, data lake, and data lakehouse solutions. We’re also no strangers to business intelligence (BI) and can set up a complete data ecosystem driven by AI algorithms, too
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Software as a Service Products
We’ll assist you in creating web and mobile SaaS applications for the B2B and B2C segments. Our back-end solutions boast high speed and uninterrupted performance, scale along with your user base, and support seamless feature rollouts
IoT Back-End Infrastructure
From cloud infrastructure for sensor data processing and over-the-air (OTA) updates to web consoles for IoT device management, our back-end development team knows the Internet of Things inside out — and we’re eager to share this knowledge with you!

Our back-end development tech stack

Programming Languages
Java, Python, PHP, JavaScrip, C#, Go
Frameworks & Development Environments
.Net, .Node.js, Express.js, Nest.js, Symphony, Laravel, Django, Falkon, Flask
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, DynamoDB, MariaDB, Firebase, Apache Cassandra, Redis, Elasticsearch
Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services

Why hire back-end developers at ITRex?

We are many. With 300+ IT specialists on board and 13+ years of experience in back-end software engineering, we’re uniquely poised to crack your technology challenges.
We are flexible. A distributed and inherently agile back-end development services team scattered across three continents will help you achieve a faster return on your tech investments and improve time to market. Innovation through iteration is the principle we live and work by.
We are goal-oriented. Our back-end development team doesn’t simply craft server-side code — we nurture your company’s transformation from the core. Should you need to revamp an existing app’s logic or launch a novel tech product supporting thousands of users, that’s what we do best!
We are ITRex. A back-end development company with a “We care” attitude, we strive for our clients’ success and seek to build a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with your company. And crafting superb back-end solutions is the only way to achieve that.

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