Our computer vision services

Whatever computer vision challenge you might face, chances are this territory is already familiar to us. We know how to do the tech trick, but there’s more. As your partner, we care about your business success so you can be sure our computer vision services will get you ROI fast.
Image Classification Image Segmentation Object Detection Need highly accurate image classification? We can bring you a powerful computer vision solution for this purpose, from automated image organization in apps or visual databases to visual search, content moderation, and beyond. Semantic and instance segmentation is also part of our computer vision services. We will help you obtain rich object information, be it for medical diagnostics, robotics, video surveillance, traffic monitoring, or another application. Looking to build a top-performing object detection solution for crowd counting, facial recognition, video surveillance, mask detection, or anomaly detection in manufacturing, farming, or radiology? Our computer vision developers will deliver.
Object Tracking Intelligent Video Analysis Pose Estimation We help companies leverage deep learning algorithms to estimate and predict the position of a moving object in a video. Surveillance solutions, intelligent systems for activity recognition, or traffic monitoring systems, we’ve successfully done it all. As part of our computer vision services, we deliver superior video analysis technology for video description, segmentation, summarization (feature, event, motion/color, and object-based), and post-processing. Use our computer vision services to go with the best-fitting approach and library for interpreting a human posture with deep learning. Whether you are in retail, fitness, sports, or gaming or want to train robots, we will bring your vision to life.
Content-based Image Retrieval Generative Adversarial Networks Computer Vision on the Edge CBIR systems search images by analyzing their content rather than metadata associated with the image. If you need expert help with creating an effective search mechanism for your visual database, we are a click away. Draw on our experience in implementing GANs for generating images from descriptions, restoring missing parts, upscaling images to high-res, or adapting their domain. We know how to handle the data and train models to provide accurate outputs. ITRex provides computer vision solutions using resources on the device to empower your business with automated predictions that have low latency. Need to automate monitoring or visual inspection tasks for a better and safer process? Drop us a line.

Computer vision solutions that reshape industries

We have top talent and more than a decade of experience helping our clients create value from rapidly advancing computer vision technology. While solving unique business problems, our computer vision solutions drive transformation in key industries.

Minimize in-store human interactions, personalize customer experience, or leverage computer vision technology for better inventory management and product display. We build solutions for: ⬝ Automated checkout ⬝ In-store navigation ⬝ Visual search ⬝ Theft prevention ⬝ Personalized product recommendations ⬝ Visual inventory inspections ⬝ Counterfeit detection
Improve patient identification, accelerate diagnosis of diseases, or provide rehabilitation assistance. We build computer vision solutions for: ⬝ Facial authentication of patients ⬝ Medical image analysis ⬝ Telemedicine systems ⬝ Supervision of patients’ exercise routines ⬝ Wearable assistance for visually impaired
Capture student learning behaviors for personalization or automate attention monitoring in class. We build solutions for: ⬝ Emotion recognition ⬝ Online proctoring ⬝ Attendance monitoring
Get performance data for better training or scouting, enhance the viewing experience, or help referees in decision making. We build solutions for: ⬝ Player/ball tracking and analysis ⬝ Self-training ⬝ In-depth data analytics
Automate quality control, monitoring, and visual inspection tasks, or reduce human involvement for worker protection. We build solutions for: ⬝ Automated product counting ⬝ Defect detection and classification ⬝ Machine perception in palletizing robots ⬝ Predictive maintenance

Our computer vision tools and technologies

Whether you want to modernize your computer vision solution or create it from scratch, our team has the knowledge to get past the hurdle of whether you should go with deep learning or traditional techniques. Tell us your challenge. Our computer vision consultants will figure out what approach you should take to build exactly what you need.

  • • Language: Python
  • • CV libraries: OpenCV
  • • Python libraries: SciPy, Scikit-learn, Seaborn, Pandas
  • • Deep learning platforms: TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch
Feature Extraction
  • • Neural Networks: CNN, LSTM, innovative neural networks for feature extraction (e.g., ResNet, VGG, CRAFT), neural networks for real-time object detection (e.g., Yolo), networks for face mesh prediction and pose estimation, GANs, Autoencoder/Variational Autoencoder models
  • • Traditional approaches: optical flow estimation and the SIFT, SURF, and ORB feature descriptors
Feature Analysis
  • • Probabilistic models like Hidden Markov Model or Bayesian networks
  • • Transfer learning techniques
  • • Algorithms: optimization (e.g., the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm and the Nelder-Mead method), genetic algorithms, SLAM, clustering (e.g., K-means and DBScan), classification (e.g., support vector machines, SGD, decision trees, random forests), segmentation, and traditional algorithms (e.g., 3-P, homography estimation, edge detection)

Why ITRex computer vision services

Cross-industry experience. Providing computer vision services across industries for more than a decade, our team deeply understands your industry challenges and the nature of your data to create a perfect tool for your business.
Broad expertise. We stay on the top of the game and never stop improving. Both big names and ambitious startups have trusted us to transform their ideas into successful computer vision solutions.
Tech agnostic. We don’t do average. We make sure to select the computer vision techniques, platforms, and libraries that work best for your task. We also pay careful attention to regulatory requirements.
R&D. At our dedicated R&D lab, we try out new computer vision concepts and experiment with the latest technology. This way we build prototypes based on our critical insights and are proactive in navigating your challenges.

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