All types of manual testing at all stages of software development

When it comes to discovering the unknown and spotting holes where vulnerabilities are less expected, there is no replacement for a professional eye. Our manual testing services span:
Functional testing Performance testing End-to-end mobile testing Smoke testing | Regression testing | Integration testing | System testing |Sanity testing Load testing | Stress testing | Scalability testing | Stability testing | Volume testing | Configuration testing Validating an app’s business logic from start to finish under production-like conditions
Compatibility testing Security testing Usability testing Cross-platform | Cross-browser Vulnerability assessment | Penetration testing | Security code review | Compliance testing Usability tests | UX audit

High-quality manual testing, no matter the environment

Our manual testers will make sure that your software provides a delightful user experience, working flawlessly across environments.

Mobile (iOS, Android, cross-platform)
Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
Enterprise Applications
Data Warehouses, BI, Big Data
APIs and Microservices
And more

Our manual testing toolset

We carry out manual testing services with a combination of tools that let us test better and faster, while our clients can conveniently track test results.

Proven manual testing processes

To ensure built-in quality, yet stay responsive to your specific needs, we set up robust testing processes that are based on industry-proven approaches and methodologies.





In-depth testing process audit and needs analysis

Flexible engagement models

We strive to satisfy your project needs as best as we possibly can. So, we offer engagement flexibility to make our cooperation convenient and cost-effective for you.

Team augmentation On-demand testing Our experienced manual testers will smoothly integrate into your QA team to supply the missing talent and speed up delivery cycles We will step in whenever you need us to and concentrate on testing specific product modules, features or user paths
Manual testing as a service Strategic consultancy We will take full responsibility for your product and process quality, covering all angles of your testing journey in accordance with an SLA Our QA consultants will help you detect weak spots in your testing processes, set up effective quality management frameworks, get started with manual testing, and deliver other strategies to optimize QA-related efforts and costs

Manual testing with ITRex

of experience
manual testers
successful projects
Quick integration
with your workflow and fast team resize
100% transparency
with regular reporting
Minimal on-boarding
48 hours
to start your project
Agile delivery
for faster speed or any other framework to match your needs better