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End-to-end MLOps consulting services

Use ITRex’s MLOps consulting services to automate the machine learning lifecycle—from model training to production—and add robust ML capabilities to enterprise software
mlops consulting services

Develop, fine-tune, and implement machine learning at scale with our MLOps consulting services

Our MLOps consulting team strives to bridge the gap between the experimental nature of training and running custom machine learning models and the operational rigor of ML-infused technology systems. Explore our MLOps consulting services to reach your business goals faster!
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MLOps strategy consulting
Skilled MLOps consultants will assess the capabilities and limitations of your current IT infrastructure, as well as review workflows for data ingestion, model training, and deployment. Next, we’ll propose an MLOps strategy tied to your business objectives, along with a phased implementation plan.
Data management
ITRex, an MLOps company with a knack for data management, can assist you in gathering data from various sources, cleansing and preprocessing it for ML model training, and tracking dataset versions to improve traceability and reproducibility. This results in highly accurate, bias-free machine learning solutions.
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Infrastructure setup
Our MLOps services include setting up cost-effective cloud-based infrastructure for training and deploying ML models at scale. ITRex can go cloud full swing, using platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, or configure on-premises or hybrid infrastructures for increased security and reliability.
Model development
In addition to consulting, we offer MLOps development services, helping clients engineer and train ML models for process automation and data analytics. When doing so, we implement tools for tracking model performance, automate hyperparameter tuning, and use distributed computing and GPU clusters for training large models.
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Model validation
A dedicated MLOps implementation consultant will help you ensure that your ML models meet the desired performance metrics. For this, ITRex will define such metrics (e.g., precision, accuracy, or recall), align them with your business goals, and use robust validation techniques, from cross-validation to holdout testing and bias detection.
Model deployment
Collaborate with ITRex's MLOps consulting team to determine the best strategy for deploying ML models into production, which can range from staged releases followed by testing and user feedback collection to running two model versions and rolling updates. We will also configure the corresponding infrastructure, including APIs and microservices.
CI/CD for ML
As part of our MLOps consulting services, we help extend the principles of DevOps to the machine learning lifecycle, ensuring that models are continuously updated, tested, and deployed in a reliable and efficient manner. To that end, we use version control systems, automated test scripts, and robust performance monitoring systems.
Monitoring and maintenance
For deployed models, we have a dedicated MLOps consulting offering. Join forces with ITRex to detect issues like drift, shift, and anomalies and implement logging and alerting systems to ensure those issues are promptly resolved. We’ll also help you design workflows for automatic model retraining and updating based on new data and performance metrics.

Unlock the power of machine learning through expert MLOps consulting

As seasoned MLOps consultants, ITRex can help you break the cycle of machine learning projects that stall during the proof-of-concept phase, fail to deliver on their promise, or bring little to no ROI. Specifically, we’ll assist you with:

Enhancing teamwork across data science, engineering, and operations. ITRex MLOps consulting pros will implement integrated workflows and collaboration tools and educate your IT teams on MLOps best practices. Integrating ML models into production systems. MLOps consultants will help you minimize risks and system downtime by choosing a reliable deployment strategy, configuring model serving infrastructure, achieving end-to-end application integration, and conducting thorough readiness assessments.
Setting up automated pipelines for data processing, model training, validation, and deployment. This helps optimize resources, saves time, and improves ML solution scalability. Enabling continuous monitoring, updating, and improvement of machine learning models. From tracking model performance to designing feedback loops and automatically retraining models based on specified criteria, our MLOps services set your company up for success.
Ensuring that machine learning experiments and results can be reliably reproduced. The transformative effect is achieved through meticulous experiment logging, process standardization, and extensive documentation. Reducing operational costs and maximizing ROI. Our MLOps consultants assist customers in utilizing cost-effective cloud-based infrastructures, optimizing resource usage, and automating repetitive tasks. This approach reduces operational expenses and ensures that your machine learning projects provide measurable returns on investment.

Discover our MLOps technology know-how

Version control Model serving Git, DVC TensorFlow Serving, TorchServe, Seldon
CI/CD Monitoring Jenkins, GitLab CI, CircleCI Prometheus, Grafana, ELK Stack
Experiment tracking Cloud services MLflow, Weights & Biases, AWS SageMaker, Google AI Platform, Azure ML

Hire ITRex for expert MLOps consulting

Extensive AI expertise
We’re not just MLOps consultants—we’re a full-stack enterprise software engineering company that jumped on the artificial intelligence bandwagon before it became mainstream. Since then, ITRex has helped customers from various industries, from healthcare to biotechnology and retail, implement intelligent process automation, data analytics, traditional AI, and generative AI solutions.
Unmatched security
When delivering MLOps services, we make sure to implement effective security measures to protect your data and models. These include comprehensive encryption, access control mechanisms, and secure deployment practices. Additionally, we ensure full compliance with industry regulations and standards, providing robust data governance and adherence to privacy laws such as GDPR and HIPAA. Our MLOps consultants stay updated with the latest regulatory changes to ensure your ML solutions are always compliant.
Knowledge transfer
One of the leading MLOps consulting companies, ITRex prioritizes collaboration and continuous knowledge sharing. To lay the groundwork for your company’s success, our MLOps consultants will provide thorough documentation of your data pipelines, model architectures, deployment processes, and monitoring setups. Should you require workshops and training sessions to upskill internal teams, we can assist you, too.
Tailored approach
ITRex’s machine learning operations consulting specialists aim to merge your MLOps tools, platforms, and processes into a unified and cohesive workflow. Having analyzed your business objectives, we’ll propose a healthy mix of proprietary, open-source, and custom-made technologies to unlock maximum efficiency, both performance and cost-wise.


1. What is MLOps, in a nutshell, and what’s its connection to DevOps?
MLOps, or machine learning operations, is a set of practices and tools that aim to automate and streamline the entire machine learning lifecycle, from model development to deployment and monitoring. MLOps consulting companies extend the principles of DevOps to machine learning, ensuring continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD), and efficient collaboration between data scientists, ML engineers, and operations teams.
2. How does the MLOps consulting and implementation process unfold?
At ITRex, the MLOps consulting and implementation process usually starts with an assessment of your current IT infrastructure and workflows. Following that, we create a customized MLOps strategy that aligns with your organization's objectives. Our MLOps company then assists in the setup of data management processes, infrastructure, and automation pipelines. We guide you through model development, validation, deployment, and ongoing monitoring to ensure that ML models integrate seamlessly into your production systems.
3. What companies need MLOps consulting services?
MLOps consulting services are beneficial to any company looking to gain a competitive advantage through machine learning. This includes enterprises with existing machine learning initiatives that need to be scaled, businesses in highly regulated industries that require stringent compliance measures, and organizations looking to improve operational efficiency through automated data processing and model deployment.
4. What are some of the strategic MLOps benefits for enterprises?
MLOps offers several strategic benefits for enterprises:
- By collaborating with MLOps consultants, enterprises can deploy machine learning models faster and more reliably than competitors, gaining a significant market advantage
- Automating repetitive tasks and optimizing resource allocation can result in significant cost savings and better utilization of talent and infrastructure
- MLOps consulting frees up resources for innovation by streamlining processes and improving collaboration, allowing businesses to experiment with new ideas and technologies
- Robust validation, monitoring, and deployment practices reduce the likelihood of model failures, biases, and noncompliance, shielding the enterprise from potential pitfalls
- MLOps companies can assist enterprises in scaling their machine learning initiatives more effectively, supporting increasing data volumes, more complex models, and expanding business requirements
5. What makes ITRex the right MLOps consulting partner for your organization?
Several key factors make ITRex a reliable partner for MLOps consulting:
- We are a 230-strong team of IT specialists with over 13 years of experience in developing and deploying AI solutions and providing MLOps consulting services
- Our dedicated R&D department assists clients with discovery, proof of concept, and technology stack selection, ensuring that your ML initiatives are built on solid foundations
- As MLOps consultants, we practice the "start small, think big" approach, enabling our customers to quickly realize the benefits of MLOps while planning for long-term scalability and success
- From MLOps strategy consulting to model deployment and ongoing monitoring, we offer end-to-end MLOps services tailored to meet your specific needs
- Our MLOps consulting company implements robust security measures and ensures full compliance with industry regulations, providing peace of mind and protecting your data and models

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