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Innovation Consulting

Make your digital transformation journey super simple, safe, and aligned with your specific business needs. We're good at strategy planning for both enterprises and SMBs, IT audit, business process analysis, and more.


Digital Transformation

Achieve lower costs, utmost scalability and maximum velocity with our legacy software modernization, cloud, and DevOps services. Our enterprise software development company is here to help you remove the roadblocks to innovation.


Software Engineering

Build enterprise software solutions that perform. We can cover you along the whole way or fill in specific skill gaps in business analysis, UX/UI, testing, development, or support across web, mobile, desktop, cloud, and embedded platforms.


Big Data & Analytics

Use your torrents of data to drive decision-making across the company. From Data Governance & Data Management to Data Analytics and Data Science, we make business, not IT, own your data.


Artificial Intelligence

ITRex AI consulting and development experts will address your business challenges using readily available and custom-trained models. Our AI app development know-how spans from ML and DL to NLP, Computer Vision, Generative AI, and IPA.


Extended Reality

Deliver immersive experiences through AR, VR, or MR to create new products, boost productivity, or launch into the metaverse. XR solutions help you bypass distance challenges and be innovative for real.

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Thinking big
After digging deep to understand holistically your challenges and business objectives, we chart your technology path that will keep your business future-proof.
Starting small
At the beginning of the transformation journey, we start with simple use cases that bring you immediate results.
Creating value fast
We then build an MVP, testing the first use cases and collecting feedback. Along the way, we introduce enhancements to align business deliverables and add new use cases.
Innovating at scale
We are expanding the functionality of your system, keeping it flexible on the tech stack, hugely adaptable to humans, and easily scalable to evolve along with your business growth.

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