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For decades, laundromats in the US have remained largely unchanged, rooted in the coin-operated machinery of the 1930s. This old-style model lacked the technological integration that today’s consumers want – convenience at a tap, digital payments, and engaging experiences. Beyond this, laundromats were having a hard time with their day-to-day operations because everything was still done the old way. Reliance on manual processes and paper-based systems for employee management, customer interactions, and financial tracking was still common. Our client saw this as a chance to not just upgrade but revolutionize the industry. They set out to develop an IoT-based platform that would bring laundromats into the digital age by automating every business process. Specifically, their ambition was to create a single solution that would encompass every aspect of laundromat and dry cleaning operations, including point-of-sale, delivery, employee management, CRM, revenue reconciliation, and IoT hardware integration. Yet, innovating wasn't easy. The first version of their IoT platform, while groundbreaking in concept, had many bugs and couldn't scale due to poor coding. Their project was at risk. Facing the critical situation, the client turned to ITRex for vast software development expertise. They needed experienced engineers to refactor the code.

Our mission
What started as a basic task to refactor the code quickly grew into something much bigger. Initially, we sent a small team comprising a few engineers and testers to overhaul the existing code. However, they soon realized that a more transformative approach was needed. They proposed rebuilding the entire platform from scratch using a microservices architecture, which promised not only faster development but also significantly improved efficiency and scalability for the long term. After we set up an infrastructure on AWS, reconstructing each component of the platform with microservices, the client entrusted us with the entire scope of development. This now included not just building the IoT platform for business management but also integrating IoT hardware with various laundromat brands and models for real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and digital machine operation. Our dedicated team grew from three to more than a dozen experts, including business analysts, and both front and back-end developers. Our collective goal was to develop a unified platform, equipped with a range of applications to cater to every need of a modern laundromat.

Our solution

We have created a cutting-edge, IoT-based business management platform that fundamentally transforms laundry services across the US, enhancing operational efficiency for laundromat owners and offering modern convenience to consumers. Key components of our platform:
Microservices Architecture on AWS: Migration to the cloud has enabled the crucial scalability and efficiency essential for a dynamic solution that evolves alongside the business
IoT Development & Integration with Laundry Equipment: We addressed the tough challenge of integrating IoT controllers, ensuring their compatibility across different brands and models of washers and dryers. These controllers are crucial because they allow these machines to connect to the internet, enabling remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and user-friendly digital controls for consumers
Technician Management App: This app was designed to allow easy activation and management of IoT controllers on machines
B2B and B2C Integration: Initially launched for garment care professionals (B2B) to automate their business processes,, our IoT platform expanded to include consumer-facing apps (B2C). Those included: - Customized Point-of-Sale (PoS) System: A tablet-based PoS system is installed directly on laundry machines, integrating electronic payment options. It offers a simplified transaction process for users and real-time operational data for laundromat owners, enhancing their ability to track store performance and manage customer interactions efficiently - Pickup and Delivery Mobile App: This app serves two key user groups. For drivers, it features an admin panel with route optimization and customer communication tools, and for customers, it offers a user-friendly interface for easy scheduling of on-demand laundry pickups and deliveries, integrating seamlessly with third-party driver networks for reliable service - Automated Commission Payment Application: An automated commission payment mechanism allows our client to receive commissions based on the number of transactions completed at a laundry service, facilitating transparent revenue sharing - Centralized Business Dashboard: Our IoT platform offers a comprehensive dashboard that aggregates key data—employee, customer, financial, location, and machine information—from the controllers and apps, empowering laundromat owners to effectively manage: * Employee activities and coordination * Customer behavior patterns * Financial performance and transactions * Operations across multiple store locations
IoT platform development for laundry
iot platform development for laundry


Our cutting-edge platform has redefined the laundry industry, digitalizing operations and elevating the customer experience to new heights
Through IoT and a unified dashboard, we've transformed the way laundromat owners manage employees, interact with customers, and oversee financial operations, ushering in an era of seamless workflow and strategic insights
Our user-friendly digital interfaces and apps have made accessing laundry services a breeze, enhancing customer convenience and satisfaction
The integration of IoT technology has streamlined the maintenance and monitoring of laundry equipment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability
Our platform empowers laundromat owners to efficiently manage and expand their businesses, demonstrated by over a 20% increase in total revenue, employee productivity, and customer loyalty

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