One of the largest US third-party benefits administrators offering universally configurable benefit accounts to businesses
Financial Services
Product Development
AWS stack, NodeJS, Angular 5, MySQL 5.x, Bitbucket, Jenkins


The client is a leader in the industry as the largest privately-held third-party administrator (TPA) in the US. They came to ITRex looking to redesign their legacy platform to increase its flexibility and scalability, and support more service offerings. The monolithic architecture of the old system resulted in a very huge code base, complex logic, high interdependency and hence complicated maintenance, hampering scalability and improvements. That way, the most reasonable option was to create an entirely new platform (both web and mobile apps for iOS and Android) using the modern microservices technology to replace the existing legacy system.

We took on the following challenges:
Rearchitect the legacy monolithic system into a distributed microservices based platform
Simplify and automate business logic and processes, add new features to widen functionality and increase flexibility
Provide an opportunity to easily manage and configure benefits without having to rewrite the code
Migrate all existing clients and their employees to the cloud platform


A high-performance microservices architecture that allows changing, debugging or replacing certain parts of the app, with the rest remaining intact
Business logic separation from the front end to allow simpler and faster feature changes on both the back end and front end
Changes in the production support team to streamline and extend its capabilities for efficiently managing the growing book of business on the new platform
Timely delivery of important updates and security patches for the most of the cutting-edge technologies and tools to ensure stability and reliability of the system
Setup of a serverless architecture, which means the app was built and is run in the cloud, including its front end, back end and database operations. This offers greater flexibility, maintainability, scalability and availability of the entire system or separate parts
Development of a tool that allows running fixes in an automated way, which speeds up the process of applying fixes and closing tickets
Legacy System Modernization
BenefitsAdministrator modernization case


The new platform allows for a flexible configuration and seamless integration of multiple service partners and a new payment processor.
The new solution gives clients access to the funds in their various benefit accounts through advanced payment methods like a debit card.
100% of existing clients were successfully migrated to the new platform.

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