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AWS, Java, Spring, Python, MongoDB, MySQL, Angular, Redis, Elasticsearch API


Machine Learning has transformed almost every industry, with logistics being no exception. Considering the complexity of logistics, no wonder it was among the first industries ML made a big difference to. Our client’s intention was to disrupt the industry by offering a breakthrough all-in-one solution suitable for all actors. The toughest challenge facing logistics is related to its multi-operational nature. It involves a bunch of activities such as packaging, transportation, documentation, inventory, to name a few. On top of this, there are at least three key players who pursue their interests: the shipper, the broker, and the carrier. To make such an all-encompassing collaboration tool that would cater for the needs of all parties involved, our development team had to get up to speed on all the complex nuances.

We took on the following challenges:
Design an easy-to-use collaborative platform where interaction is not limited to only one part of the supply chain, but links all the participants of the cargo management process.
Provide each group of interest with their all-important tools for efficient performance.
Implement a full range of features for a multifunctional web and mobile service.
Quickly understand complex business rules for managing orders and shipments.
Process data that was neither properly maintained, nor organized in a single place.
Implement unique analytical math models.


An AI-powered decision support system to predict shipment costs based on up to 60 shipment parameters.
Graph-based decision making to detect and delete duplicate entities when processing customer requests and to suggest better carrier matching options.
An advanced dashboard with agile options for managing permissions on multiple tiers: users, entities, tasks, etc.
Extended shipment management options: shipment tracking from dispatch to delivery, a timeline of activities, notifications on any shipment update, pop-ups with the load information.
A GPS tracking page with multiple real-time features to easily track active shipments and monitor cargo status updates.
An intuitive user-friendly interface of the service, responsive and available on any device.
The Mobile driver app that provides carriers with full control over shipments. Drivers can easily edit the dispatch information on the go and save time with automatic check-in options on locations available for app users.
Built-in automated documentation options to do away with paperwork. Everything is documented, and either updated or archived automatically.
A built-in payment system that allows carriers to get paid significantly faster in comparison with a traditional workflow.
Google Docs-like experience across the entire platform: users can interactively contribute to any shipment document.
With Elasticsearch, users can perform a full-text search to look for any shipments, orders, invoices, either current or archived.


The platform has up to 25,000 active users. Up to 700 customers are big enterprises, including DHL, Ryder, Lineage Logistics, Maersk, to name a few.
The entire cargo management process is available 24/7 at fingertips customers can run their business literary from phone.
The logistics professionals have an all-in-one worry-free solution with total control over their shipments.
The solution leverages profitable connections within the supply chain industry, suggesting customers the most suitable business partners.
The service significantly saves time for all participants of the cargo management flow, automating most of the shipping tasks.
The platform reduces customer anxiety by providing a tracking page, since they can monitor the workflow in real-time.
The platform significantly reduces paperwork, as most of the repetitive procedures are automated.
AI-powered price optimization features provide users with wider information on supply and demand, hence they can make smarter decisions.

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