Our Kubernetes services

Get ahead of competitors with zero-disruption Kubernetes operations. Our Kubernetes consulting company makes sure that you leverage all possibilities offered by this leading open-source project, from automated deployment to scaling based on real-time demand, and effortless management of containerized applications. We can step in at any stage of your Kubernetes journey, bringing hands-on Kubernetes experience to the table.
Kubernetes Consulting
From choosing the right cloud provider to designing an actionable roadmap for Kubernetes deployment and 24/7 operations without downtime, our Kubernetes consulting company is here to share knowledge and best practices with you. You can also use our expertise to identify the right add-ons for monitoring, storage, logging, and security, as well as the best way of integrating your CI/CD pipeline. Security and technical compliance reviews are included, along with design advice for critical applications.
Kubernetes Deployment & Support
Kubernetes is difficult to get right, but you are in safe hands with us. In cloud or on-prem, we help you provision highly available clusters that support self-healing and scale up and down in line with demand, while integrating essential tools like Prometheus. Make your Kubernetes journey a breeze. From networking and load balancing to storage orchestration and data management, we have you covered along the way. Deploy Kubernetes from the ground up and reach 24/7 business continuity with our Kubernetes services.
Application Development & Migration
Build new apps or migrate your legacy apps using microservices in Kubernetes to accelerate modernization and reduce IT costs. After rethinking your application architecture, we make it Kubernetes-ready through containerization and selection of K8s objects while adapting your deployment process and preparing K8s clusters. Our Kubernetes company also builds enterprise Kubernetes strategies for complex systems which detail immediate steps. If you need to deploy ML models with Kubernetes, you are in the right place too.
Security & Compliance
Keep your Kubernetes workloads safe without inhibiting productivity by adopting security best practices. From limited access to nodes and network segmentation to continuous security vulnerability scanning, creation of network policies, isolation of workloads, environment upgrades, and integration with 3rd-party tools, we will skillfully address key architectural vulnerabilities. Achieve defense in depth with our Kubernetes services that help bake in security across four layers: code, containers, clusters, and data centers.

Cloud providers we work with

Why ITRex for Kubernetes consulting and deployment services?

ITRex is a team of highly skilled Kubernetes experts who know how to help you take full advantage of the Kubernetes technology. If implemented properly, Kubernetes provides you with great features, from easy scaling to zero-downtime deployments, self-healing, service discovery, load balancing, and automated rollouts and rollbacks. With a bit of our help, you get unprecedented gains, including:

With container orchestration tasks done automatically by Kubernetes itself, your team will be able to focus totally on writing code, able to provide new pieces as fast as they can think of them
Kubernetes automatically adjusts resources after you tell it how much CPU and memory each container needs while a huge selection of tools allows the team to customize everything
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Thanks to the auto-scaling functionality, you pay only for resources actually consumed. Also, applications are cheap to maintain, with Kubernetes doing the job of monitoring the health of nodes and pods