The MVP you get with ITRex MVP development services

A lot of new products fail, including good ones. But we know how to make your story a success. Relying on years of experience, we build MVPs that are:
Truly minimum and viable
We don’t overcode. After careful analysis, we select only core features — the minimum features your MVP needs to bring unique value to users. With our MVP development services, you get it live fast.
Money saving
Our team goes as lean as possible to bring you validated learning about what users want to see in your product. You find the right market fit and don’t waste resources on wrong assumptions.
We design MVPs for easy scalability in the future to ensure your application continues to perform steadily with a growing user base and you don’t need to rewrite pieces to incorporate new functionality.
Our MVP development company has unparalleled expertise in emerging tech, like AI, big data, IoT, and AR/VR. So if you aim to disrupt the market with a mind-blowing innovation, don't hesitate. We are your dream team.

The value our MVP development services bring

Helping companies since 2009, we know the ins and outs of multiple industries. Also, our wide tech skills allow us to put together the exact team your project needs. With our MVP development services, you get everything under one roof to:

Test if your product indeed addresses customers’ pain points
Make sure there is a market demand
Learn from users what they like and what they don’t — and improve
Release your application quicker (than potential rivals) and with less money
Start growing your user base and successfully present to investors
Save resources on an ultimate roll-out if the idea doesn’t work

A full range of MVP development services covering every step of your journey

Our MVP development company has built dozens of great MVPs for startups and enterprises, helping them solve a real problem for their customers. We think out of the box. We spend as little of your valuable resources as possible. We create products that customers are willing to use and pay for. Tap into our MVP development services for an epic launch.

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MVP Consulting
Bring us your vision, and we will help test all assumptions about your product, the problem it is solving, the target audience, and the market. We will also prioritize features, select the best tech stack, roadmap product evolution, and estimate time and effort.
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MVP End-to-end development
From idea conceptualization to MVP release, our team will take care of the entire development process for you. At every step, we will keep speed and quality in mind. We know how it is critical to launch your app ASAP and delight users with it.
MVP Improvement
Using customers’ feedback on the release, we will help figure out what they value most and what needs to be improved at the next iteration. By better adjusting to the market, we make sure you roll out a fully-fledged product with success.
MVP Prototyping
To make sure that every user journey detail has been considered, we build high-fidelity prototypes. Prototypes created by our team are also a good way to start selling your idea to investors and potential early adopters to test their interest.

How we do it — Our stage-by-stage process

Creating an MVP is an art because it requires both skills and ingenuity to produce a compelling result. However, it also requires a structured approach. Our MVP development services use a battle-proven methodology to ensure your MVP is designed for success, no matter how big or small your ambitions or budget are.

Through workshops with your stakeholders, we deep dive into your vision and gather insights. We brainstorm, study the market, and analyze risks to help you refine your value proposition, identify what features will make the most sense for your customers, and figure out ballpark figures.
This stage focuses on MVP architecture design, elicitation of performance and security requirements, and planning for third-party integrations and regulatory compliance (HIPAA, PCI DSS, FDA, etc.) if applicable. We also select tech stack and identify tech challenges.
As part of our MVP development services, we will create an interactive, clickable prototype based on use cases to show how users will interact with your interfaces. The goal is to test every flow and collect early feedback. It will also be a great help to you in a sales context.
This is the exciting stage where we bring your vision to life. Using the latest tools and best practices, we create high-quality code fast to flesh out the features your MVP should have. We plan for scalability from the onset so that adding new functionality does not cause issues.
QA is an essential component of our MVP development services. Every piece of your app will be tested according to a test plan. This is to ensure that it meets our, your, and your customers’ expectations. Shipping a buggy MVP can result in a loss of potential customers. We can’t let this happen.
You put your MVP for public use, and we collect critical user feedback. It informs the next iterations to hone your MVP to perfection in an agile way and ultimately, turn it into a fully fledged product.

Technologies we use to deliver MVP development services

Front End
React/Redux, Angular, JavaScript, HTML5, Laravel, Django, Vue.js
.NET, Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, Golang, C++
Android (Java / Kotlin), React Native, Flutter
Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure
DWH, ETL, data integration, data migration, data science, BI, advanced analytics, reporting
RPA, Workfusion, OCR, UiPath

How you can partner with us

At ITRex, you can choose the engagement model that matches exactly your context and needs. Our MVP development services are flexible.

In-house team augmentation
We can step in at any stage to bring the skills you need today, including a CTO-as-a-Service. You oversee the development process directly, while we integrate into your team and provide scale-ups when needed.
End-to-end MVP development
From ideation to delivery, we can handle your MVP development process end to end. We will set up a dedicated team that will be fully committed to your project, collaborate proactively, walk you through every challenge, and release daily updates.

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