Robust RPA services to move your business forward

As part of our RPA services, we create lightweight software bots that retrieve structured data from internal and external sources, seamlessly interface with applications within your IT infrastructure, and take over mundane tasks that were previously performed by humans. The ITRex robotic process automation team will help you with:
RPA consulting and strategy RPA development Company-wide RPA implementation services The ITRex RPA consulting experts will assess your company’s digital maturity and identify automation opportunities considering your growth perspectives. In the next step, we’ll select the optimum technology stack for RPA solutions, prioritize automation use cases, and devise an RPA implementation plan. Our RPA development process incorporates several stages, including picking a function subject to automation, designing a high-level architecture for future automation scenarios, and creating an RPA solution. After that, we test software bots on real-world tasks and data, collect stakeholder feedback, and make the necessary improvements As a mature RPA company, ITRex is eager to guide you further down your RPA development and implementation path. We'll set up a well-structured RPA center of excellence (CoE) to help your company manage organizational changes, bridge the gaps between development and IT operations teams, and ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations. Our post-launch RPA services also include technical support, software maintenance, and employee training.

Industry-specific RPA solutions

We work with brick-and-mortar and online retailers looking to reduce operating costs and increase profit margins. Our RPA development team is well-versed in customer support, inventory management, eProcurement, and sales analytics solutions.
Healthcare and BioTech
We offer RPA development services to hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies struggling to hire employees and serve more clients. Our RPA solutions for healthcare include appointment scheduling, compliance management, and claims processing software.
We facilitate education organizations’ shift to blended and remote learning by implementing robust RPA solutions, including student enrollment, task assignment, and attendance monitoring systems
Logistics and Transportation
Process invoices in the blink of an eye, gain real-time insights into your purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash operations, and align supply with demand with the help of smart automation solutions.
Accelerate customer request processing and reporting operations, provide superior client service by automating customer-facing transactions, and develop a better-informed approach to credit decisioning with next-gen IPA solutions.

Unlock RPA benefits

At ITRex, we do not merely automate workflows and processes as they are — we help our clients envision processes as they should be and transform this vision into next-gen robotic process automation solutions. The well-thought-out approach to RPA development and implementation allows our customers to achieve:

Accuracy Flexibility Reduce errors stemming from manual data processing and maintain records and logs in perfect order for audits and compliance Scale robotic process automation efforts across the enterprise based on actual business requirements
Cost savings Consistency Facilitate workflows without increasing labor costs, boost productivity, and empower employees to focus on higher-value objectives Devise and implement a regulatory framework for mission-critical tasks and processes

Why work with the ITRex RPA company?

We know things
A 350-strong team providing end-to-end RPA consulting, development, implementation, and support services
We are business-driven
RPA development and deployment preceded by through process audit and requirements analysis
We are vendor-agnostic
Solution and technology-agnostic approach to RPA services delivery
We look beyond RPA
Deep expertise in AI/ML, data science, and other technologies serving as a basis for intelligent process automation