Ecommerce development services for online and brick-and-mortar retailers

No matter what type of retail business you are, we have the right expertise and experience to deliver a successful ecommerce solution that will engage your specific audience — with a tailored functionality, sleek design, and human-centered approach.
What we build:
online shop development
Online stores
Online stores
Storefronts with device-agnostic interfaces and streamlined workflow, from order placement to checkout, offering smooth integration with popular payment gateways, ERP systems, CRMs, PIMs, inventory management.
B2C marketplaces development
B2C marketplaces
B2C marketplaces
Omnichannel one-stop-shops that sell multiple brands, offering personalized shopping experience, simplified onboarding and easy checkout.
b2b portals development
B2B portals
B2B portals
Complex B2B platforms capable of handling large catalogs, vast payment methods and price variations, bringing together manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors as a centralized hub.
Auctions development
From basic features to the most sophisticated, high-load auction platforms that provide a variety of auction types, the configuration of bid items, real-time live bidding via video streaming, multiple payment gateways, full analytics reports, and more.
Ecommerce aggregators development
Ecommerce aggregators
Ecommerce aggregators
Platforms that partner with multiple merchants under one brand to promote their goods or services and at the same time, create a convenient ecosystem for customers.
Shopping carts solutions
Shopping carts
Shopping carts
Shopping cart solutions for installation, integration, and upgrade for fully custom features, automated billing tasks, and secure payment processing.
Mobile shopping apps development
Mobile shopping apps
Mobile shopping apps
With professional ecommerce mobile app development you can be sure that nothing causes friction when customers decide to buy, with features from voice search and chat to on-touch payments.
Delivery apps development
Delivery apps
Delivery apps
Apps that make it simple to track orders, automating the bulk of the shipping process while providing a personalized platform for communicating with customers about their delivery.
Social commerce solutions
Social commerce
Social commerce
Setup of the entire shopping process on a social media platform, from peer-to-peer platforms to group buying, to participatory commerce, to social shopping with chats, forums and commenting features to create the real world shopping experience.

Using the power of the best ecommerce platforms

Integrate all your systems
with custom ecommerce solutions

Seamless integration of your ecommerce website with the right mix of back-office systems is what makes or breaks customer experience and real-time analytics. We have helped dozens of brands to build top digital ecosystems where apps work happily together, and are here to guide you in the right direction.

ERP integration CRM integration for streamlined catalog management to get instant access to customer information
Payment gateways Analytics and reporting to process payments swiftly and securely for immediate business insights
Marketing automation POS to expand your reach to eliminate manual entry of data while reducing errors
Online chats and help desks Other third party apps for real-world support of customers to meet your unique business needs

And adopting new tech
for ecommerce software solutions

By empowering ecommerce development services with emerging technologies, we help you push the boundaries with big ideas and bold changes to edge out the toughest competition.

Virtual fitting rooms
Immersive product catalog
AI-powered smart pricing
Product recommendations
Voice shopping
Virtual assistants and chatbots
Predictive customer analytics

End-to-end ecommerce software development services

With more than a decade of experience and extensive cross-domain expertise, we offer a full suite of ecommerce development services to address your challenges no matter how big or small they are. From expert advice to comprehensive maintenance services, we have done it all, keeping our clients delighted.

Our team guides projects from proof-of-concept to implementation, knowing all about the competition in the ecommerce space to help you beat it.
Focusing on uniqueness and advanced functionality, we create fully immersive experiences that fetch visitors' attention and convert them into customers.
Our techs code and build amazing software, delivering ecommerce solutions that keep you always one step ahead of competitors
Relying on the right balance of manual and automated testing, we know how to take care of quality and give you confidence that your system delivers seamless experience.
From upgrades and complete health checks to back-ups, we provide the best ecommerce development services to make sure that your system functions smoothly and securely with no interruptions.
Itrex’s team are experts in their trade. The software development they provided was critical to advancing the project to the next level.
Jeff Block
Jeff Block
VP of Process and Technology
PotentiaMetrics, Inc.
When you hire them, you're actually going to get something valuable.
Daniel Schuler
Daniel Schuler
Itrex is an outstanding partner. They don't even feel like a contractor, but more like a fully integrated team.
Ashley Lewis
Ashley Lewis
Director of Product Management
Dollar Shave Club

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