Logistics & transportation software development

transportation and logistics software development

The explosive growth of disruptive technologies and increasing pressure on the global supply chain have had a revolutionary impact on logistics. We will help you redefine and digitize your logistics operations for greater efficiency and excellence.

Overcoming the fragmentation problem

/ Custom logistics software
/ Supply chain management solutions
/ End-to-end transportation management systems
/ Integration of separate logistics modules
/ Legacy software modernization
No more disorganized supply chains and empty truck miles. No wasted fuel and high costs.
We provide overarching logistics and transportation management systems to help you simplify and streamline multiple interactions needed to transport a given load from its origin to destination.
logistics software development

Full-fledged solutions at hand

/ Warehousing and inventory management apps
/ Logistics ERP and CRM software
/ GPS tracking software
/ Fleet management software
/ Cloud-based platforms
Our freight and fleet management software solutions open the door for carriers, shippers, freight brokers, and forwarders to manage a wide array of freight transportation and logistics needs.
Optimize delivery routes and schedules. Dispatch drivers and manage your fleet. Monitor orders and deliveries. Track fuel costs and fleet efficiency. Maximize truck capacity. Keep tabs on your vehicle and its health. All in one place.
transportation software solutions

Big data looms large

/ AI-driven IoT platforms
/ Predictive analytics solutions
/ Custom BI and reporting software
We deliver AI-driven logistics solutions that offer intelligent analytics to identify areas for improvement in logistics operations.
Harness the power of big data and insights it brings to enhance supply chain visibility, optimize scheduling and dispatching operations, reduce driver downtime, determine the most fuel-efficient routes and make the most of your cargo space.
logistics software company

Logistics and IoT: a perfect match

/ IoT software development
/ ML-enabled IoT-based analytics solutions
/ Sensor technology implementation
Logistics is a key player poised to profit from IoT. Applying IoT to logistics operations holds promise for revolutionizing and automating business processes across the entire logistics value chain.
We design and implement IoT-based solutions for real-time vehicle, freight and shipment tracking, fleet and asset monitoring, inventory management and predictive maintenance to help you enhance transparency in supply chain operations.

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