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Our client, a US logistics leader, was grappling with a dated, custom-built logistics management system. This system's architecture, fragmented into various modules handling everything from load and information management to user coordination and external partnerships, was marred by inefficiencies and a lack of cohesive technical design. Compounding these technical issues were weak development processes. The issues became even more acute after the acquisition of another company, which put additional strain on the already struggling system and led to a significant number of employees leaving out of frustration. Seeing the need for urgent action, the client reached out to ITRex for an IT infrastructure audit and IT consulting. Given our history of successful projects together, they knew we could help them set the stage for a much-needed update to their system.

Our mission
To successfully navigate the extensive IT infrastructure audit required by our client, ITRex assembled a cross-disciplinary team, featuring a senior solution architect, lead business analyst, data engineer, and DevOps architect. Our next step was to identify and scrutinize crucial audit areas like cloud infrastructure, major databases, delivery processes, QA processes, and application architecture. Our aim was to uncover systemic issues and lay out a transformation roadmap. We crafted a detailed IT infrastructure audit plan, ensuring clear deliverables within the client's tight four-week timeframe.

Our approach

In a four-week span, our team engaged in five meticulously planned workshops, targeting key stakeholders. These sessions ran concurrently, enabling us to perform a deep analysis of both business challenges and technical issues. Our assessment covered four main areas:
Cloud infrastructure: resource usage, performance, networking capabilities, data security protocols, backups, and the integrity of data storage solutions
Database management: data model, data consistency, adherence to data retention protocols, data availability for business continuity, and synchronization processes across various data sources
Delivery & deployment: existing tools in use, GIT workflows, code consistency, release stability, and the DevOps practices in place
Application architecture: overarching architecture overview, technology stack versions, code quality, security, and adherence to best practices and pragmatic design principles
In our quest for a holistic understanding, we expanded our scope of work to include an analysis of the system’s functional structure and the development of the disaster recovery plan. As an outcome, we produced an all-encompassing IT infrastructure audit report that included the following deliverables:
Infrastructure diagram illustrating the interconnections between various IT components within the company’s ecosystem
Bottleneck analysis outlining identified bottlenecks with actionable steps for improved efficiency
Disaster recovery planfor quick IT system restoration to maintain operations
Cost optimization strategy featuring recommendations for reducing infrastructure costs without sacrificing performance
Application component diagram highlighting the interactions, interconnections, and dependencies within the architecture
Optimization recommendations to enhance application efficiency
Transformation roadmap guiding our client through both immediate solutions and strategic long-term overhauls
IT infrastructure audit for logistics
IT infrastructure audit


Clear understanding of system weaknesses
Actionable recommendations, outlining immediate solutions to stabilize the system and long-term changes required for a system overhaul
Enhanced data management insights into how it’s best to streamline data flows and establish a centralized operational DataHub (ODH)
Preparedness for future growth, with the audit positioning the client to proactively address identified issues, ensuring they are better prepared to handle increased loads and complexity in the future

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