The Honest Co is a wellness brand producing safe beauty, skincare, baby care and home-cleaning products
Data Management, Data Migration, Data Analytics
Ecommerce, FMCG
MySQL, Google BigQuery, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Redshift, Java/Scala, Databricks, Amazon S3


Robust data is hands-down at the heart of every strategic business decision. Consolidating data from diverse sources into a single view is critical to making data-informed decisions at the speed of business. The client asked our team to help them handle their company’s data: prepare statistics data from online shops for data warehouse and reporting.

Specifically, our team took on the following challenges:
Aggregate the company’s data from multiple data sources into one location using ETL jobs
Transform the data into a proper structure along the way to make it more suitable for reporting purposes
Create CSV reports for the analytics team
Collaborate with product teams to define the best reporting format
Analyze incoming data structures
Define data transformation rules


A number of ETL scripts to load data from multiple data sources such as Google BigQuery and Amazon S3 into the Apache Hive data warehouse.
A number of SQL scripts for Redshift to create CSV reports that contain data about online orders, quantities, prices, etc.
solution for The Honest Company
The Honest Company solution


The analytics teams leverage the exported CSV reports to analyze the audience, their activity and preferences and derive meaningful analytics insights at the point of need.
The ETL and SQL scripts made it much easier to transfer the data into different storage, restructure it for quick analysis and reporting, and export it in a readable format, which would take a good deal of time if done by hand.

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