facial recognition software development services facial recognition software development services

Facial recognition software development services

Leverage ITRex’s facial recognition software development services to create next-gen security, compliance monitoring, and behavior analytics solutions
facial recognition software development services

Supercharge your apps with our facial recognition software development services

ITRex, an AI consultancy with unrivaled expertise in computer vision, provides custom facial recognition software development services to transform your mobile and web applications and cyber-physical systems. We can enhance your IT solutions with the following capabilities:
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Face detection
Our face recognition development team will train models to recognize faces in photos and video footage, conducting real-time and historical data analysis. Adding multi-face detection functionality to your software is a no-brainer for us, too.
Facial geometry analysis
ITRex, a reputable face recognition development company, develops algorithms that accurately identify key facial landmarks, from brow contours to the mouth and chin, in any lighting conditions and with partial obstructions, such as clothing and accessories.
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Face identification
As part of the face recognition software development process, we set up algorithms that look for matches in databases to correctly identify a person among a group of people. We also modify the system's thresholds to reduce false positives and false negatives.
Face verification
ITRex takes face recognition app development to the next level, teaching AI models to verify a person's identity. We can improve your systems’ security by combining facial recognition technology with other forms of authentication, such as tokens and passwords.

Create industry-specific solutions with face recognition development experts

Effective data management, end-to-end application integration, and compliance with industry-specific requirements distinguish our facial recognition software development services from the competition. We’ve successfully completed face recognition development projects for clients from the following sectors:

Finance Retail We help banks, financial services organizations, and insurance companies monitor client-manager interactions, streamline and secure payment transactions, and personalize the customer experience through face recognition software development. Reach out to discuss your project! We work with both online and offline retailers on various face recognition software development projects. Partner with ITRex to integrate facial recognition into CCTV systems, enable cashless and cardless payments, unlock new insights with behavioral analytics, and provide superior customer service.
Education Healthcare We provide custom facial recognition software development services to educational institutions and EdTech startups. Our expertise helps clients prevent unauthorized access to school grounds, assess students' engagement, customize learning paths, eliminate exam cheating, and automate administrative tasks like manual roll calls. We combine our domain expertise in healthcare, biotechnology, life sciences, mental health, medical imaging, and pharmaceutics with practical knowledge of facial recognition software development. This way, ITRex helps clients reduce medical errors, speed up patient registration and admissions, prevent safety accidents, and better evaluate patients’ conditions.
Manufacturing Media and entertainment We lend a helping hand to manufacturing and supply chain management companies that seek to restrict access to production sites, automate workforce attendance control and time tracking, and ensure consistent PPE usage. Contact our custom face recognition development company for more information. We join forces with video production, broadcasting, and family entertainment companies to transform their products through face recognition software development services—from personalizing marketing campaigns to enhancing safety in public places and teaching digital avatars to mimic facial expressions.

Facial recognition software development with MotionMind AI

While primarily an IT services company, ITRex has ventured into productization with MotionMind AI—a pre-packaged, easily customizable computer vision solution that is ripe for face recognition software development. MotionMind AI boasts robust functionality that translates into tangible business benefits.
Fast implementation High precision MotionMind AI features pre-trained computer vision models that accurately identify key points on the human body, including facial landmarks. The solution thus speeds up facial recognition software development, allowing you to implement the technology faster. MotionMind AI is built upon some of the best-in-class open-source and proprietary computer vision models that bring extraordinary accuracy and precision to face recognition software development, justifying your investments.
Lower development costs Flexibility MotionMind AI eliminates the need to train CV models from scratch, accelerating face recognition app development and time to market. Additionally, the technology works with any camera setup, reducing hardware costs, and can run on devices or in the cloud. We’ve successfully used MotionMind AI for various tasks, from human pose estimation to facial recognition software development. The technology has found a permanent home in fitness mirrors, athlete monitoring solutions, checkout-free stores, and industrial settings.

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Explore our face recognition software development know-how

Programming languages: Python, C++, JavaScript (Node.js)
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
Cloud services: AWS Rekognition, Google Cloud Vision, Microsoft Azure Face API
Image processing libraries: OpenCV, Dlib, PIL/Pillow
ML frameworks: TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, MXNet
Pre-trained models: FaceNet, VGG-Face, DeepFace, MotionMind AI

ITRex for face recognition software development

Requirements analysis
When initiating face recognition development projects, we first define your unique objectives and requirements, including the implementation environment (indoor or outdoor) and the expected lighting conditions. We’ll also look into your hardware setup and regulatory requirements and field-test your idea through a proof of concept.
Architecture design
At this stage, ITRex facial recognition developers join forces with software architects to lay the groundwork for your solution. We’ll investigate how the system will capture and analyze incoming data, select best-suited algorithms, and assess integration requirements.
Data collection
Our face recognition development company will prepare high-quality, representative, and varied datasets for algorithm training. We may use data augmentation techniques or generate synthetic data in cases where training data is scarce or cannot be used due to privacy concerns.
Model training
Training the model and validating that it can correctly identify facial features and match them against the information stored in the database is an integral part of our facial recognition software development services. Our team will test and refine the model iteratively to ensure optimum performance.
System integration
ITRex’s face recognition app development experts will merge the model with your existing IT systems, from CRM to ERP and payment solutions, as well as third-party services. We’ll also configure a cost-effective cloud, on-premises, or hybrid infrastructure for your system. And if you’re investigating edge AI options, we’re well-versed in embedded software development, too.
Model deployment
As part of facial recognition development, we assist clients in deploying models into production environments. Our in-house team of MLOps consultants will recommend the best deployment strategy and ensure that the model is continuously tested, validated, and improved based on user feedback.
Once your model goes live, you can carry on working with our face recognition development company to refine it, updating the solution with new data and features and scaling the system across new use cases.


What technologies do you use in facial recognition software development?
At ITRex, we utilize a robust technology stack to deliver cutting-edge facial recognition solutions. Our primary programming languages include Python and C++. For image processing, we use libraries such as OpenCV, Dlib, and PIL/Pillow. Our preferred machine learning frameworks are TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and MXNet. We also use pre-trained models like FaceNet, VGG-Face, DeepFace, and our proprietary MotionMind AI.
Do you have experience building GDPR-compliant face recognition solutions?
ITRex has extensive experience developing facial recognition solutions that comply with GDPR and other data protection regulations. To ensure that our face recognition app development practices and the resulting solutions meet all legal requirements, including GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, we implement robust data encryption, anonymization, and compliance measures.
How do you ensure face recognition applications’ accuracy?
Our face recognition development company achieves unmatched model accuracy by following several practices. We collect and use only high-quality, diverse datasets to train facial recognition models. Our face recognition app development team tests algorithms under various conditions to validate that they meet all the necessary functional and non-functional requirements. Additionally, we employ iterative testing and validation processes to continuously refine our models. For enhanced accuracy, we may also integrate facial recognition with other forms of biometric authentication.
Why should I collaborate with ITRex?
Selecting ITRex as your facial recognition software development services provider has multiple advantages. We have hands-on experience with all AI types and services, including Gen AI consulting. We have an in-house R&D department and a custom AI PoC framework, which enables us to quickly test and validate your assumptions and propose viable solutions to real-world business problems. We use a healthy mix of open-source and proprietary facial recognition software development technologies, preventing vendor lock-in situations and optimizing clients’ expenses. Finally, we always put our customers' success first and will collaborate closely with you to ensure your objectives are met and exceeded.

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