Embedded software development services to accommodate your needs

As a software engineering company with 13+ years of experience, we’ve seen our share of IoT projects and mastered the art of embedded software development. Whether you need device drivers or a full-blown operating system processing data at the network edge, we’ve got you covered! Our expertise spans:
Firmware development Middleware development Embedded human-machine interfaces (HMIs) Our embedded software engineering team will help you develop bare-metal firmware for sensors and devices lacking an operating system. Additionally, we’re well-versed in digital signal processing (DSP) and board support package (BSP) development, crafting libraries and drivers for custom devices that gather and analyze sensor and visual data. The ITRex embedded development experts will interface hardware components, devices, and software systems using custom middleware. Our expertise includes reliable device drivers, software development kits (SDKs), APIs, and artificial intelligence-based middleware solutions. ITRex Group is the right embedded software development company to take over your HMI project. We’ll help you design built-in visual interfaces and embedded BI solutions for medical devices, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics — or integrate your gadget with a popular voice assistant to create an unparalleled user experience.
OS customization Connectivity and proximity solutions Embedded software consulting As part of our embedded software development services, we get down to the operating system core and modify its functionality to meet your unique requirements. ITRex has a good grasp of the Linux Kernel, Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and RTOS operating systems. Our embedded software development pros will create lightweight embedded solutions enabling devices to capture, exchange, and interpret sensor data while optimizing battery life. We’re au fait with Bluetooth app development, iBeacon protocol, and the NFC and RFID technologies. The ITRex embedded consultants will dive into your project, analyze embedded software and device performance requirements, and advise you on the optimum technology stack. On top of that, we’ll help you optimize firmware and middleware code and fix flaws overlooked by other embedded software companies.

Embedded software solutions we create

ITRex provides embedded software development services to companies from different industries, including healthcare, biotechnology, finance, and logistics. Check out our embedded solutions know-how to see whether we could be of any help.

Embedded Software Development
Healthcare & Wellness
Healthcare & Wellness
We collaborate with IoT startups and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to design high-performance embedded systems for IoMT products: in-hospital medical equipment, remote patient monitoring solutions, medication dispensers, and an array of physical activity trackers, vitals monitors, and exercise equipment, as well as entire in-silico systems for pharmaceutical research.
Embedded Software Consulting services
Industrial Manufacturing
Industrial Manufacturing
Our embedded systems developers will lend a helping hand to manufacturing companies and IIoT startups looking to retrofit legacy equipment or design intelligent machines from the ground up. We’ll create industrial embedded systems that collect sensor data, securely relay it to the cloud for analysis, and visualize findings via effective HMIs, preventing downtime and accidents on the factory floor.
embedded software solutions for transportation
Logistics & Transportation
Logistics & Transportation
Whether you need to track your drivers’ whereabouts and fuel consumption or quickly locate inventory at storage facilities, we’re here to assist you in your digital transformation! Avail of our embedded software development services to build GPS tracking systems, beacon and tag-based inventory management systems, embedded solutions for drones and warehouse robots, and more!
embedded software solutions for retail
From proximity marketing solutions to intelligent POS and checkout-free shopping systems driven by computer vision technology, our embedded software engineering team can transform your brick-and-mortar location into a smart store! We’ll also help you identify patterns in customer data to align supply with demand and reduce operational costs.

Our embedded development technology stack

Programming languages: C, C++, Python, Bash, Asm
Operating systems: Android (AOSP), Linux, RTOS: Mbed, Zephyr, FreeRTOS
Connectivity: Bluetooth/BLE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, RTLS, RFID, MQTT, GPS
Cloud infrastructure: Azure IoT, AWS IoT

What makes ITRex the right embedded software company to handle your project?

We are knowledgeable. ITRex is not just an embedded solution provider. We are emerging technology experts with full-stack expertise! And we can build an entire software ecosystem for your device should the need arise.
We are customer-centric. We can stay your technology partner even after your product goes live. Should you need help with OTA updates, new feature development, or performance optimization, our embedded software development superheroes will step right in!
We are flexible.Our embedded software engineers may carry out your project from the ideation stage to deployment — or tune in at any given moment to conduct audits, refine code, and assist you with firmware installation and flashing.
We are ITRex. An embedded solution provider with a “We Care” attitude, ITRex is a 300-strong team of IT professionals working in sync to deliver the ultimate client experience. Check out our cooperation models and schedule a call with embedded system development experts!