Custom e-learning solutions

Grasping the complexities of online education — its multi-tenant and multifunctional nature — we design powerful instruments for the delivery
and distribution of crucial knowledge.

Educational software to make practice perfect

Management software
Learning management systems Talent management systems School management and administration software Knowledge management software
Courses, evaluation
Online courses, template-based modules Online exams: Assessment and evaluation software Educational portals, SaaS training platforms
Systems, storage
E-library, information storage, retrieval tools Cloud-based e-learning systems System enhancement: integration, legacy upgrade
Emerging technologies keep reshaping every aspect of our daily lives, and online learning needs innovative tools to make e-learners' practice more efficient. Our expertise helps make custom educational courseware more diverse, engaging, and results-driven.

Edtech: combining the best of machine and human

With thousands of free well-developed e-courses available online, people keep complaining about the lack of ‘human touch’. We blend proven practices of face-to-face learning with those of online learning to prevent participants from giving up.
Accessibility | Friendly for those without the ‘geek gene’
Flexibility | Customizable for all participants, tailored to your business needs
Granularity | Designing custom software able to highlight all the peculiarities of the educational process
Personalization | Overcoming one-size-fits-all e-learning problem
Persistence | Instrumentally motivating target learners to carry on
Creativity & Motivation | Making courseware products technically engaging
Collaboration | Designing easy-to-use tools for fruitful teamwork
Age-friendly | Providing a helpful environment for adults

Simple as ABC: Design your course

Advanced content editor, slide-based tools Scenario templates, timeline interactions Embedded videos support Advanced full-text search Tests, quizzes, forms
Discussion and message boards Instant instructor feedback options Insert inline comments options Handy sharing options, drag-n-drop interactions Collaborative workspace environment
Advanced admin control Management of roles and permissions Categorization and cataloging options Task tracking, integration with Jira Payment options
Leverage a wide educational kit of easy-to-handle learning tools to build your training program. High-performance and full-fledged functionality for students, educators, and instructional designers.

Knowledge delivery amplified

Making learning last a lifetime becomes easier for participants, and at the same time, more challenging for designers and developers. We apply advanced technologies such as AI, Predictive Analytics, M-learning, and AR/VR to make training design and delivery instant, engaging, and intuitive.
Video | Add Video Conferencing option to offset the lack of in-person interactions with educators
AR/VR | Boost your educational content delivery and enhance the learning experience, adding extra epistemic dimension
M-learning | Let all the participants acquire important skills on-the-go
AI | Data-driven analysis of learning progress and outcomes
Voice Recognition | Speech-to-text tools to accurately transcribe your content
Localization | Put your educational project into multiple cultural contexts without any loss
Gamification | Born digital millennials need their dose of dopamine to read another line and stay engaged and interested

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