A professional organization dedicated to the advancement of Ig Therapy practice, across clinical indications and areas of practice
Healthcare & Biotech, eLearning
Legacy Modernization, Product Development
WordPress, WooCommerce, LearnDash, PHP


Our client has released a WordPress-based platform that features news, guides, courses, webinars, standards of practice, and other content for medical staff to expand their knowledge about immunoglobulin therapy and prepare for an IgCP/IgCN certification exam. The platform also allows doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to collaborate within a medical community. But one of the platform’s crucial functional blocks — buying a membership — ceased to work. The client turned to ITRex to restore the critical functionality and enrich their solution with new features.

Particularly, our team took on the following challenges:
Investigate and fix the issue of users’ not being able to buy a platform membership
Automate the creation of new teams for corporate users
Build a customizable admin dashboard to simplify memberships and content management performance
Modernize the legacy platform and optimize its performance and user experience by introducing new features


Investigating the platform’s code to detect the root causes of defects in the memberships module. The issue turned out to be heavy customization of the platform’s interface, which caused WooCommerce — a WordPress plugin for managing memberships — to throw errors
Implementing bug fixes to restore the WooCommerce functionality. This allowed new platform users to buy personal and corporate memberships smoothly and easily
Implementing a custom solution for automating team creation. The solution allowed to synchronize the platform’s WooCommerce and the LearnDash plugins; the latter helps manage online courses and communities. So now, when a user with a corporate membership creates a new team, it is automatically duplicated in LearnDash, while the team manager is assigned the manager of the newly created learning group and can conveniently track the members’ learning progress
Implementing a new, easy-to-use, and fully customizable admin panel for managing memberships and learning dashboards.
Introducing nurse- and pharmacist-specific memberships allowing access to targeted learning materials
Medical platform modernization case study
Medical platform modernization portfolio


Fully-functional and feature-rich, the platform fosters healthcare education and allows healthcare professionals to join multidisciplinary communities via flawless ecommerce functionality
A custom solution for plugins synchronization spares the platform’s admins the effort of manually creating teams and tediously adding new members
The new dashboard allows the admins to manage the platform’s content quickly and conveniently

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