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Product Development
ReactJS, DynamoDB, KMS, AWS, Node.js


Facing a growing volume of administrative work, healthcare providers often struggle with the resource-intensive and heavily regulated process of releasing patient information, and are increasingly relying on outsourced release of information (ROI) solutions to cut their costs, allow their staff to focus on core functions, and eliminate compliance worries and efforts. Our team has vast experience in providing software solutions for the healthcare industry, and we were tasked with building a new online platform for processing requests for protected health information to replace the client’s previous solution that was inconvenient and lacked important features.

We took on the following challenges:
Build a more user-friendly and functional platform from scratch using a new technology stack on a tight deadline
Choose the right tech stack for the project based on the requirements and available resources
Focus on the product’s critical functionality and leave additional nice-to-haves for future phases if needed
Understand the behavior of the old system to give the team a better idea of the project’s goals and roadmap
Test the platform on Windows and MacOS


A back end built using Node.js for great performance and scalability
An Amazon S3 bucket for safe and secure cloud-based data storage
Increased overall functionality that allows the system to log, track and invoice requests for ROI, prevent release of data without patients’ authorization, and process payments for billable requests
A user-friendly and intuitive UI featuring, among other things, loaders and clear and understandable error messages enabling users to correct their mistakes easily
User role and permission assignment that determines users’ access to features and information within the system
A sidebar menu giving users easy navigation to sections focusing on patients, information requestors, requests, invoices, payments, etc.
My Account page where users can see their personal details and change their password
PDF file upload, generation and review capability
An improved and faster search function with autocomplete and filtering features
Expanded editing capability that allows the admin to change user information and enables users to update their profiles
Platform for Processing Protected Health Information
User-Friendly Platform for Healthcare


The new platform makes the ROI process seamless and secure, reduces turnaround times, helps prevent wrongful disclosure of protected health information, and ensures full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
The solution minimizes the number of clicks needed by users to request, find, view and edit information

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