Viv Anderson, former England, Nottingham Forest and Manchester United full back
Social Networking, Sports
Product Development
Java, Swift, .NET, Bitbucket, Redis, MS SQL


A good number of professional sports players, most notably footballers, find it difficult to deal with the challenge of no longer being a top-level athlete after retirement. Left in limbo, they have a hard time finding their place in life outside sport, lose their savings because of financial illiteracy, get addicted to gambling, or slip into depression. Poised to help sports professionals smoothly transition into retirement and maintain their value afterward, Viv Anderson, our client, made up his mind to build an application that would serve as a global support network bringing together former pro sports stars. They had an incredibly ambitious product vision and we were pretty much excited to help our client bring it to life.

Our team took on the following challenges:
Build an app for both iOS and Android from scratch on a tight deadline
Map out the product vision, ideate key features, and functionality across multiple levels
Add social media functionality like sharing different forms of content, creating posts and events, uploading photos and videos, inviting friends, interest-based chatting


A full-featured networking app for iOS and Android built in just 4 months after the project kick-off
A general feed of all content in the app
Direct and group chat functionality
Events functionality that allows Ambassadors, members of the Playonpro community, to create events, edit events, and receive invitations
A wide range of features enabling users to receive exclusive offers from selected retailers and get job opportunities, take part in raffles and tournaments
Search functionality that provides users with the opportunity to search and filter other Ambassadors
Invite features allowing Ambassadors to invite new members to the network by sending an invitation request to the admin for approval
Twilio API integration, which allows querying metadata about phone numbers and managing messages
PlayonPro: Social Networking App


A high-level networking app: an exclusive digital community where Ambassadors and current players can share opportunities, socialize and collaborate with fellow pros
Over 500 signed Ambassadors: footballers, golfers and international cricketers, rugby players, motor racing drivers, jockeys, athletes, snooker players, badminton and tennis players and former world champion boxers
The application offers a savings scheme, the chance to play on, and the kind of camaraderie; it helps tackle challenges ex-elite players face after retirement, generate more financial security and gain access to additional income sources through its exclusive networking capabilities
The app has a 5-star rating on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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