Lucky Day, a free sweepstake mobile app with over 10 million downloads and up to 4 million daily active users
Product Development, DevOps
AWS, New Relic, Kibana, Jenkins


Our team was involved in the full-cycle mobile development of the Lucky Day app from scratch – a free mobile gaming app that allows users to win money and earn daily rewards by simply playing lotto, scratches and raffle games. As the product was growing, our client found it challenging to deliver software and security updates on a timely basis. As a result, they felt the urgent need to embed DevOps into the software development lifecycle.

We took on the following challenges:
Integrate DevOps practices to a large-scale, mature project
Design and implement build automation systems
Set up a CI/CD pipeline
Automate the provisioning, configuration, migration, and management of cloud-based infrastructure
Manage application security and set up role-based access control from multiple sources to an ETL solution for data aggregation and visualization


Implemented automated software build and packaging processes and test runs
Set up an automated deployment process to automatically promote builds through the development pipeline – from development sandboxes to testing environments to production servers
Reconfigured the existing infrastructure to improve its stability, scalability, and security by implementing autoscaling services, security keys, RBAC, and monitoring tools
Managed application security through assigning different levels of access and permissions to specific roles and implementing best practices in information and data security
Took on the challenging task of transferring data between systems, migrating data to data warehouses, and performing database backups
DevOps for Mobile App Automation for Lucky Day
DevOps for Mobile App Automation


The DevOps approach has allowed the Lucky Day app to achieve 5x faster software delivery and feature implementation
Higher production and better quality have boosted team efficiency
By embedding DevOps best practices into the software engineering process, we helped Lucky Day to reduce technical debt
By automating the parts that developers used to do manually, we were able to drastically reduce the likelihood of human error

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