Our business intelligence services grow your business value

As a leading provider of BI services since 2009, we have the expertise to help business like yours turn data into actionable insights, no matter your current data reality. Our dedicated team of BI experts and consultants will dive deep into your needs to figure out the best BI solution possible. Inform your decisions and be confident in your plans for what’s next with our business intelligence services.
BI Consulting
Leverage our in-depth knowledge and tech know-how to assess your maturity and identify gaps and areas that can be improved. Our BI experts will consult you on the right data architecture, data models, tech stack, data governance setup, and beyond to take your BI project to success
BI Development
Get the maximum value from BI investment with our full-scale BI services that range from needs analysis to delivering every BI component, including a data warehouse, OLAP, reporting, dashboards, and data science on top of it all
BI Modernization
Create new data experiences with new source systems, cloud infrastructure, self-service BI capabilities, storytelling, intuitive visuals, voice-based search, and other future-proof functionality. We will deliver a solution that produces a real business impact
BI Support & Maintenance
Our BI services don’t end with delivering BI solutions. We can also provide support for your specific BI platform or database, fix a defective ETL/ELT process, perform updates, improve permission management, and much more. You get performance and cost optimizations

We can also be your best innovative partner on smart analytics

Are you ready to take the next step? Turn your boldest BI idea into a reality with our advanced BI services offering. A leader in innovation, our team loves challenges and complex projects where we can put all our creativity and technical acumen into.

Custom dashboards
Creating tailored dashboard solutions that fuse great analysis with compelling storytelling and combining them with innovative tech like RPA, video infographics, AI, or AR/VR
AI-driven analytics
Delivering AI-based solutions for crunching more data, automating otherwise time-consuming tasks, and ultimately planning for the future with the biggest data-driven foresight possible
Data warehousing
Building and modernizing custom data warehouses to turn them into a single source of truth, enabling everyone in the organization to make business decisions on the same quality data
Self-service BI
Empowering your non-tech users with self-service easy-to-use BI tools so that they can chop, tweak, and add data on the fly to uncover important trends, patterns, or anomalies

Our BI solutions tailored to industries

Apart from versatile technical expertise, we have industry-specific knowledge to craft a custom BI solution that will meet your unique needs, from marketing to finance. Measure everything, forecast trends, and uncover insights that you didn’t even know existed by leveraging your data with our BI services.

Financial planning and budgeting, budget monitoring, detection of income trends, profitability analysis tracking, risk forecasting
Human Resources
Employee performance tracking and analysis, workforce planning, payroll management, employee churn rate prediction
Customer Relations
Conversion rate and revenue analysis, 360-degree customer view, call center analytics, team performance analysis
Enterprise Leadership
Enterprise-wide data consolidation and reporting, business performance analysis, strategic planning, elimination of bottlenecks in processes
100% visibility of campaign performance, customer segmentation, customer behavior analysis and prediction, demand forecasting, churn rate monitoring
Patient personalization, patient care and satisfaction monitoring, costs control, insurance claim management, medical device data analysis
Monitoring of behavioral indicators, student performance analysis, educational planning, workforce planning, administration efficiency analysis
Demand and inventory visualization, capacity planning, order performance monitoring, route optimization, weather alerts

Our approach to BI development

At ITRex, we use our proprietary road-tested approach to BI development to make sure that your BI solution will get you the best ROI fast.

We start with delving into your business, processes, data ecosystem, and problems facing your stakeholders to identify BI’s goals and prioritize use cases that will bring you immediate results.
Then we develop your MVP by collecting and integrating data from the MVP data sources into a data warehouse or another central storage. This includes preparing, cleansing and modeling the data. We test the functionality, gathering user feedback for adjustments.
As we iterate, we add more data sources and capabilities, including visuals, reporting, collaboration tools and alerts, helping you with establishing best data management practices along the way. And we keep processes simple to scale and expand horizontally for other use cases.

What makes ITRex stand out

years of hands-on experience
top-tier experts
clients around the globe
years' client engagement
software products delivered
hold BS, MS or PhD in Math/Computer Science