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Business intelligence has changed. Forever. The arrival of AI in the business intelligence space has led to the new era of analytics – Augmented Analytics that leverages the latest AI capabilities to facilitate data ingestion and accelerate insights. Are you ready for change?

Overcoming Big data analytics roadblocks

/ BI consulting
/ Data analysis
/ Report automation, data visualization & dashboards
Huge volumes of raw fragmented data, its velocity and variety create a roadblock that keeps analytics success out of reach.
We dig through the dark data you aren’t aware even exists to transform it into structured, consistent entities that pave the way for mining meaningful analytics insights and fuel a successful AI strategy.
augmented analytics roadblocks

Become a citizen data scientist overnight? It’s really that simple

/ BI solution development & modernization
/ AI-powered self-service BI platform development
Involving expert data scientists in routine data prep work and analysis is a cost-prohibitive option.
We create easy-to-use self-service AI-assisted solutions that make it a breeze for non-tech business users to extract data from multiple sources, analyze it, generate natural language insights, visualize findings and create ad-hoc reports – all without undergoing a data scientist’s training. So that go-to data experts can allocate time saved to solving more complex queries and data science projects.
data science development

Augmented analytics: a world of opportunity powered by AI

/ Predictive analytics
/ Customer insights
/ Intelligent recommendation engines
/ Fraud detection
/ Financial risk management
Business people need to understand data to make strategic business decisions. Augmented analytics solutions provide business users with instant data insights that aid confident decision-making, merging Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision together to automate the processes of preparing and analyzing data.
augmented analytics provider

Enterprise search reimagined

/ Enterprise cognitive search app development
/ AI integration (ML, NLP, Semantic Search)
Being an analytics-driven enterprise today is more than just a fad. By combining traditional enterprise search with AI technologies, we help you uncover the immense value hidden within billions of structured and unstructured data - text, audio, videos, images.
We implement AI-powered enterprise search solutions to optimize your users’ search, analytics and insight generation experience. So that you can become a truly intelligent business.

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