Our data science services let you innovate and take the lead

Our proficiency is your edge. 13 years in data science consulting has taught us a few things:
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Stats Matter
We use descriptive statistics, time-series forecasting, and Bayesian inference. We find patterns. We predict outcomes.
Machine Learning
Supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning — our data science services use them all. We build ML solutions that take over complex tasks, leaving you free to focus on your business.
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Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Convolutional, recurrent, generative adversarial — with deep learning, we train it all. Speech and image recognition, voice interfaces, recommendation engines, and more. We're not just keeping up, we're pushing forward.
Anomaly Detection
The unusual, we spot. Be it for fraud prevention, network intrusion detection, or quality control, our anomaly detection services keep your business safe and efficient.
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Natural Language Processing
Human speech, machine understood — our data science services bridge the gap. We extract meaning, context, and sentiment from text. Our NLP solutions decode the human language for machines, making your data talk.
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Data Visualization
Seeing is understanding. We transform numbers into narratives and data into decisions. With our data visualization expertise, complex datasets become clear visual stories. Comprehend your data at a glance.

Data science consulting and development services to fit any of your needs

At ITRex, we know every project, every company, every dataset is unique. That’s why we shape our approach to your specific challenges. With our data science consultants, your data becomes a powerful engine, driving your business ahead.

Data Science Consulting
Sharp advice. Clear-cut strategies. We help you navigate messy data and fine-tune models. If you're struggling with predictive analytics, prescriptive modeling, or data interpretation, count us in.
Partnership in Research
With our dedicated R&D lab, your ideas bloom. We foster concept development, push boundaries with prototyping, and offer hands-on support for hypothesis testing and validation.
Full-Cycle Data Science Services
Data in, knowledge out. We manage data ingestion, wrangle it into shape, engineer features, develop robust models, and automate data pipelines. From anomaly detection to customer segmentation, from churn prediction to demand forecasting, we deliver data science solutions that empower your business.

Data science applications in action

Our data science consulting company helps you tackle any business puzzle head-on. We transform questions into answers. Optimal inventory? Customer intentions? Personalized recommendations? Battling financial fraud? We've got it covered.
Operational Intelligence Quality Management Sentiment Analysis Maximize business efficiency with faster operations and manual task automation Harness our data science solutions to prevent quality issues and carry out quality control of unmatched accuracy Know what your customers truly feel. Our data science services help you adjust strategies for better customer engagement
Customer Analytics & Personalization Recommendation Systems Geospatial Analytics Perform accurate segmentation, model customer churn and lifetime value, and enjoy other benefits of data science for business Reveal your customers’ true interests and wishes and meet them with tailored offers Analyze data through the lens of location. With our data science consulting services, improve logistics, resource allocation, and market research
Competitive Intelligence Price & Demand Forecasting Image & Video Analysis Identify business gaps and create winning business strategies based on multi-factor competition analysis Predict demand changes and adjust inventory volumes and pricing strategies accordingly Discover the unseen in visual content. We create data science solutions for image recognition, object detection, and video analysis
Risk Management Predictive Maintenance Supply Chain Optimization Accurately identify risk factors and develop fitting risk prevention and mitigation strategies Prolong equipment life, lower maintenance costs, and eliminate downtimes with timely checkups Streamline your supply chain to cut costs, improve logistics, and anticipate risks before they impact your business

Building data science solutions for any industry

Deeply immersed in data science and versed in industry dialects, we craft the key — unique, tailored — to unlock your specific needs.

Medical imaging, genetics, drug and vaccine development, enhanced patient-doctor communication
Fraud detection, risk analytics, customer data management, personalization, algorithmic trading
Delivery cost optimization, route planning, demand forecasting, intelligent inventory management, predictive maintenance
Recommendation engines and targeted advertising, demand and revenue forecasting, customer behavior analysis, customer review analysis and sentiment recognition, fraud prevention
LMS content analysis, personalization of educational programs, advanced student progress monitoring, help desk solutions
Quality control automation, predictive maintenance of machinery, supply chain optimization, production planning and scheduling, inventory management, defect detection, and yield optimization

World-class tech stack

What Makes ITRex Stand Out

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Itrex’s team are experts in their trade. The software development they provided was critical to advancing the project to the next level.
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Jeff Block
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When you hire them, you're actually going to get something valuable.
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Daniel Schuler
Itrex is an outstanding partner. They don't even feel like a contractor, but more like a fully integrated team.
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Ashley Lewis
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